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how can i create a website?

i would like to create a website for the church that I go to.

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    The way to make a website is to go to a domain vendor on the internet. If you want a free one, you can get them but if you want a one you have to pay. For a little church, you dont need a real one like that. It's not too difficult to tell people to go to

    I made my first website in 6th grade for fun. It was pretty stupid though... You should just go to or something like it and they have these things called like "website builders" where a little wizard helps you make one pretty easily. Or you could take the more fun and challenging route of actually learning HTML. HTML is a joke and rediculously easy to learn, plus you could impress people with it cause it makes you look really smart. Belive it or not, the website that taught me html was, wait for it, NEOPETS...

    Don't stop reading right now just because you heard that word; there is this thing called the HTML guide where it teaches you the baisics of HTML in a really easy way. And yes, 6th grade was a little late to be playing on Neopets but getting beat up is a part of growing up...

    That is the link. HTML is so easy to learn because you can practically do it in textpad and it will help you so much in times like these for your church and whatnot. After you read that thing you can go to um and that is a great site to learn quickly if you get the baisics. Or you could take the "adult" approach and get a book at the library or something, but the neopets thing is a great start.

    Oh and don't get distracted and sign up for Neopets, lol! Good luck and tell me if ur done with ur churches website, I wanna visit.

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    A good, well designed, informative website can be very easy and cheap to make and, perhaps more importantly, maintain.

    Take a look at for some ideas on how to get started. The page was written in response to questions that were most asked while I working for a couple of web hosts.

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    Try Blink Web or Wix, their easy to manage free website (or blog) has cool features that include drag and drop capability, switch designs on the fly, youtube and google video, custom html, upload images, flikr photo gallery, visitor stats and more. You can also buy a new domain instantly, or host your existing domain for free and make it your own (

    If your looking for something more advanced but still user friendly then try XsitePro, Site Builder Designs or Calvary Studios, they have everything you need in building your own website: domain name registration or domain transfer, web hosting, web builder, site maintenance and email accounts. Everything is laid out in an easy to follow step by step instruction. Some of the features included enable you to add your own themes, videos, images or mp3 music making your site unique to you. Pricing is comparable and affordable too.

    I hope that I was of some help and answered your question.

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    For starters you can have to be trained HTML and CSS. Some fundamental photoshop abilities might be helpful if you are making plans on designing your internet site as good. If you wish to make a extra complex internet site flash and java can be handy. Learn HTML and CSS on the minimal.

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    Hello there, this is s good start for your orientation:

    I guess you will find it there in few minutes and create a great site !

    God bless you.

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    you can get a professional to make one for you other wise it my not look well or have long address

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    Well, duh stupid. Why don't you go on google, search HTML and see for yourself?

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