How should I organize social media buttons on my website?

In the future, I will have at least 30 small pages on my website ( )

Should I have social media buttons (or like buttons) on all the pages... or can I have one website content page with a big variety of social media buttons on it to avoid cluttering up all the small pages? I would prefer one page dedicated to social media, but I don't know if that would be effective.

And also feel free to say if you think this kind of spiritual website should have social media buttons at all.

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  • 8 years ago
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    It depends really on how social you want your company to be. The social media presence on your website should reflect your social media presence.

    If you're putting a lot of effort into social media then you should make sure you're giving people a lot of opportunity to visit your Twitter/Facebook etc via your website. If you've only got the accounts to act as social signals then keep the SM presence on your sight to a minimum (but don't leave it out completely).

    My site,, has to have a large amount of social media presence as that's what our clients would expect, but with your business it simply depends on how much effort you're going to put into your social media.

  • 8 years ago

    For maximum effectiveness, put the buttons on all the small pages, buttons for the webiste as a whole, and perhaps create a page with a table of contents for different parts of your website, and allow people to "like" each part within that page. Unless you plan on putting other stuff on your pages, the social media buttons aren't going to really clutter. In there are different styles, including a really small button, if you're worried about cluttering.

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