how to get website leads?

Im starting a new website company what is the best way to generate leads. Or figure out what businesses need websites or what businesses do not have websites?

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    1 decade ago
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    Some of the ways you can advertise your business are:

    1. Post an article about your business on related blogs and get free visitors and back links

    2. Submitting to directories

    3. Free classifieds

    4. Forums

    Send an email with more information about your business to for free help on finding new customers and increasing sales.

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    1 decade ago

    There is no certain criterion to determine if a business needs a web site or not. Web sites are usually created so as to improve their business online. Now, It doesn't happen that you have created a web site and started getting leads. It will take some time, in the sense you will have to promote your site online all the possible ways to get the leads. Few things like, classified ad posting, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, Email marketing,, and most importantly if you can go ahead and invest a little more, you can do PPC-pay per click.

    PPC is the quickest way to get the leads and improve the business online.For more information on improving traffic and leads to asite: just see

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    1 decade ago

    Hey....getting leads is surely important and is probably the blood of your business..

    Your website must have the professional look of a real estate agent in good standing and reputation. Like the home itself you are trying to market, the site should make your first time visitors feel welcome and it should encourage them to explore the site through simple and intuitive navigation.

    Give them a compelling reason why they should select you as their agent and convey a message that they will get the best value for their investment.

    Don't forget to display prominently your contact details so they can easily call you or email you at the instant they decide to hire you.

    hope this helps man

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    I recommend creating a strategy, refined to a specific time period (like one year) and optimizing all of the channels listed below, in this order:

    1 - Organic SEO (Google for "free SEO eBook" to find my guide)

    2 - Pay-Per-Click Advertising (AdWords, YSM, AdCenter,

    3 - Pay-Per-Acquisition

    4 - Email Marketing

    5 - Affiliate Marketing

    6 - Social Networking

    7 - Viral Marketing

    8 -

    9 - Church Ads (off and online)

    10 - Content Networks (Kontera, Vibrant Media, etc)

    I strongly recommend that if you are considering SEO as your starting point, that you get your SEO Consultant involved BEFORE you build your entire website. This could save you thousands of dollars in re-engineering time.

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