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How Can a Dog Get Gingivitis?

Earlier today, we brought our nine year old dog home from the vet, after they took four of her teeth out. They said that she had gingivitis. My whole family is befuddled because we give her good food like rawhide, dental bones, dinner rolls, and nothing out of a can. However, a few years ago, we've gave her pig ears every night. I'm wondering if that had anything to do with it. The funny thing is, she doesn't really chew her food as much swallowing it whole. So most of her food doesn't come in contact with her teeth. Anyway, I have been searching every where in the Internet, trying to find out why she got gingivitis, but I couldn't find anything. Thought what did surprise me was in one of the websites it said that if your dog has bad breath, it could have gingivitis. And this shocked me because I noticed her breath becoming fowl like 3 or 4 years. I don't know how this could have happened. Please help me!!

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    Dogs get gingivitis just like people do. They have normal wear and tear and often have tooth problems as they get older. Unfortunately, some dogs are just more suspectible than others are, even though it sounds like your dog had some nice, chewy things that one would have thought would have helped the situation. Perhaps it did and they might have been even worse, had you not given some of the things that stimulated the gums etc.

    I highly recommend a product called Biotene Drinking Water Additive, esp if your dog hates having teeth brushed. The Biotene Drinking Water Additive is completely safe and effective way of reducing tartar, plaque and gingivitis, as it has natural enzymes in it derivived from milk. These enzymes have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and help protect your dog's teeth and mouth. One of my dogs had stained teeth, that were starting to look really bad. We started using this product in his bowl and within a month, I could tell a huge difference in the way his teeth and gums looked. The stains gradually disappeared and gums were much more healthy looking.

    They also make an oral antiseptic maintenance and treatment gels. These are great products!! I've used them with my own dogs with much success. You can find these products at many vet's offices or by ordering from the many online vet suppliers or Look on Amazon at all the positive reviews. Here's a couple of links...

    Source(s): Dog owner for a life time. I also train and show my dogs.
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    Your dog got gingivitis because you don't brush its teeth.

    rawhides, dental bones, dinner rolls, 'nothing out of can' do nothing to improve dental health

    likewise, I'd put pigs ears in the same category as the above.

    THE ONLY effective thing you can do to promote your dogs dental health is to brush its teeth ... no less than weekly..

    ADD: I also feed my dog raw meaty bones, but that stuff about raw diets having magical dental health powers is myth. Not supported by science. Also illogical on its face.

    You'll get some minimal plaque scraping on certain teeth from both gnawing ... but if you brush your dogs teeth regularly, then the bone chewing isn't providing an added benefit, and if you're NOT brushing, all the bone chewing in the world won't prevent tooth decay/gum disease.

    ADD2: there's quite a market for 'selling people who don't want to bother with brushing their dogs teeth some product we'll claim takes care of it for them with no effort"

    No such product will help enough to prevent anything. Only brushing can.

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  • Itamar
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    It doesnt matter if you feed kibble or not. What would your teeth be like if you didnt brush them for nine years? The pigs ears are not the cause of your problems.

    Read "Do I need to brush my dogs teeth everyday?" at the site belwo

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  • Anonymous
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    The bad breath is because of bacteria growing in the mouth. Do you feed kibble? My dogs used to have horrible breath but I stopped feeding them kibble and started feeding a raw prey-model diet. No more problem; the action from chewing the bones keeps their breath pleasant and also eliminated many other health problems. I would research the prey-model diet and switch them to that.

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