Choosing a domain name?

Who do you see a domain name that is not .com (commercial) is this affecting you or just what you find on that site? (ex. you will get on a site like , if the site is in English and you find interesting things, than you don't care about the domain if it's .info, .fr, .ro or else, or you avoid them?

What are do you say by choosing a domain from a specific country but the name to be in different language like: (Domain from Romania and Name from France)...I really want to know some reviews.

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    10 years ago
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    That is unique and interesting idea. Best of luck!! that is if are really planning to go ahead.

    If your domain contains a specific country and having the name in some other language, you may end up catering to a few clients. The traffic could be restricted by this combination. On the other hand if the content on your site is really good, it doesn't matter, people will bookmark your site and keep coming back. My guess is getting traffic from the search engines may be difficult.

    Others may provide a better insight.

    Hope this helps you!!!

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