How to get site found on google?

Everyone has a different reply!

I am making a website for a friends business and obviously he wants to be found on google. i will be coding it myself in dreamweaver. Can you please ether explain how to do it or link me to somewhere that works?

From what i understand Google works of of relevance and hits. so i understand i'm not going to be the first link as soon as i host the site but if i type in an exact phrase like like "firstname lastname car cleaning service in XYZ city" i would expect to be somewhere on the first page?

( I have another question about a contact us page, please help)

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    9 years ago
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    The reason everyone has a different answer is that there is more than one!

    This is a huge subject, there are books of several hundred pages, hours of video courses and seminars done about this.

    If the website is targeting a local business then you're in a much easier position than going after a global market. A lot depends upon the business and the local online competition - you could give a clue as to the kind of business to help and how the competition looks.

    Something many people don't realise is that you get listed in Google differently depending upon the search term being used. So it's not really correct to say "my website is on the first page of Google", what is better is something like: my webpage (not site) is in the first position for the keyword 'quick response plumber in Smallville'

    So, the first thing is to research keywords and find out what your friend's potential customers will be searching for. Then ideally you would optimize a single page for each keyword, so that it gets seen by Google as being very relevant. You'll optimize with things like keyword as H1 tag, using the keyword and LSI words (relevant, related keywords) in the page article. Use an image tagged with the keyword, maybe a video. Get relevant backlinks. Link out to a few related 'authority' sites.

    SEO is a real art and it really can't be answered properly even in a few pages, but if you have low competition and have the keyword for the business as the domain name it becomes less difficult as you don't have to do so much.

    It is much easier to work with WordPress in my opinion, as there are plugins that handle a lot of the basic onpage SEO and you could have a site up and running by the end of this week. There are so many templates available (many free) that are brilliant covering all kinds of businesses, it is hardly worth the effort of coding one's own site, other than for the enjoyment/challenge.

    You can also get hold of many free plugins for all kinds of things like contact forms and it is easy to add Adsense, or adverts.

    ... and as Cynthia said, Google Places


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  • 9 years ago

    Yes, using an unusual and exact phrase with quotes is more likely to bring up your site on first page.

    If your friend's business has a business phone listing with the telephone company, search for Google Places and follow the directions when your friend's available. Google will call your friend with a confirmation number you'll need to put in.

    Yes, a contact page is a wise idea.

    An About page is useful, too, and that may be the page you want to use with Google Places.

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