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What do I need to create a great website?

I want to create a website similar to yahoo,that offers a mail service,a website that give users access to watch videos and play music. What is the best language needed and what are some of the things I need to get started and any suggestions for tool. Also any advise is welcomed. Thank you.

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    First things first you will need a web host. Someone to host the website itself. Email usually comes with most web hosts so all you need is a client side script for users to have their own email. If you were thinking more down the lower cost to free end then roundcube is great option and amazingly it's free. Coordino is a great free Q & A script like stackoverflow (if you've ever been on there) which is also great. Now so far I have only told you about scripts however you could as a matter of fact code the entire site yourself however it would take a long time to make and multiple languages would be needed. Definite languages that you would need to know are:

    - HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

    - CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

    - PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

    - MySQL (My Structured Query Language)

    - JavaScript ( Which is Object-Oriented)

    A great place to learn is and I highly recommend it.

    With your site, if you wanted to have it so that with one account a user has access to all of the site then you would need to bridge the database/s (especially with scripts) otherwise each part of the site would run off either separate databases or separate database tables. If you were aiming to custom code the site then you can connect each part of the site to the same users table within the database or bridge multiple databases so that there is one account for the entirety of the website.

    Whichever way you decide to make the site, I suggest you learn the languages anyway, otherwise you will find it extremely difficult.

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    Its best to develop website using php, so that it will be more flexible for future expansion and changes.

    If you have prier experience in web development , then you can prefer some web development tools to built your site.

    Else its best to approach some web development who having prier experience in web development.

    From my experience i am suggesting , where you can get furnish with your site.

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