Question about car repair?

Which in your opinion is a better place to take your car to get repair work done, a large national chain like Midas or Meineke or a small locally owned repair shop?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you do a lot of road travel, maybe the big chains are the way to go. They have National warranties on their work. But if you do mostly local, the local man is the way to go. He gets to know your car, and even though he may have staff turnover, he still knows whats going on. It's always an advantage to have a good relationship with your mechanic. Less chance of them ripping you off. Mind you, the national chains are more than likely locally owned franchises, so I guess it's much of a muchness.

    I chose a mechanic that's close to my work place, I can leave my car there and walk to work.

    He's a great bloke and a top mechanic. At least if he rips me off, he makes me feel good about it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ask for a recommendation from a local auto parts store.

    My engine needed to be replaced, employees at Advance Auto Parts suggested a local business called Rich's Engine Repair... guy did a great job, fast turnaround (four days to remove and replace engine in a fullsize van which has the engine in a painful spot)... even little touches like repainting my new engine to make it look good.

    If you travel a lot, places with nationwide warranties are best.

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    1 decade ago

    depends but usually the small place will do a better job and give u better service and b as cheap or cheaper in the long run.....chain store r all about numbers and dollar amounts so they will push extra **** u dont need......and not fix **** they see broke cas its not on the work order....

    basically its sum 1 working till they get off...watching a clock.....

    a small private shop will treat u better.... tehy want to keep u coming back to them... so they will just fix things that r easy to fix and might not even charge ur....and usually they own the shop or the business so u get better work done...

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