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Well I have a bit of a problem, I hired a web designer to build a website and he is hasn't been working hard enough on the website. My question is How to I gain access to the server to work on it myself???? It is hosed with Hostgator. I am fine trying to do some of the work myself but I have no idea how to access the ADMIN to at lease try to work on my website????? Any Advice Thanks!!!

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  • ezzza
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    9 years ago
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    hostgator offers an admin area where you can administrate your website.

    you simply call to customer care and they'll help you on that.

    but that depends, who has registered the website, and who is the owner.

    because customer care will verify the owner ship details, and will only offer you website access details.

    once you get the access details to admin panel, you can gain access to your any part of your website,

    1) website

    2) email

    3) ftp server

    4) database


    i did had the same issues, i hired one good web design team, you can also contact them if you need a quality website, contact [at]

    hope that helps.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Simply call hostgator's customer service. Or ask your web designer. Or better yet hire reliable and professional web designers. =)

  • 9 years ago

    Err... you should be asking the "web designer" that you hired.

    None of us know the name of the site or the password.

    You stated "he is hasn't been working hard enough", so I know that it's not me.

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