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How to start web design?

Hello, yesterday I started learning my first programming language, python. I know it's early to say, but for now it seems easy and fun to learn. Then, idea of web design came across my mind, so I wonder what skills do I need to start it? Is it ok to use Python in this purpose, do I need to have nice photoshops skills? I am starting from zero, and I would like to know how much time will past before I am able to make decent web site. I am ready to learn these things in my free time, which is around 2hrs a day. And, how much many could I get from making one website? I would also consider programming. Any help is welcome.


Forgot to ask about difference between web design and development..

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  • 6 years ago
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    The difference between web design and web development in my opinon would be. Web development is more towards the programming side of things like Python. But most people uses Javascript and PHP. This is what I would recommend you learning for creating dynamic websites. Javascript for the client side and PHP for the server side. Python isn't used as much but you can definitely use Python if you want to. You might need some good photoshop skills if you want to make icons and stuff. But those are mainly for web designers. Web developers should be focusing more on the programming aspects of the site.

    Web design would be just designing the looks of the website, so you would just need to mainly learn some CSS and a bit of Javascript to do the JQuery stuff (like animations). You'll also need to learn HTML which is relatively easy (and it's not considered a programming language)

    You can do most of these with just a simple text editor (which in my opinion, is more enjoyable than using something like Dreamweaver). One that I recommend is Notepad++. To learn writing the codes you can use a website like w3schools, which really helps a lot.

    I actually have no idea how much you could make. But I also want to make websites myself.

    My advice on how you should learn is to start this way: HTML > CSS > JS > PHP. You might want to learn how to do some SQL queries if you want to deal with databases on your website.

    • Nikola6 years agoReport

      Both answers were great, thank you.

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  • Chris
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    6 years ago

    Web design vs. development:

    Design is concerned with visuals mostly, while development is about the server and database side of a web site. There's overlap though.

    As for how to start with web design:

    Every website consists of pages which are written in HTML. For styling, CSS is used. Interactive stuff like form validation or popups is done in JavaScript.

    To create a website from scratch, you have to know HTML and CSS, no matter what system you'll end up using.

    If you want to do more complex things like file uploads, a blog, comments, etc, you'll need database handling. The idea is that you don't write HTML but a program that spits out HTML. This is a called a dynamic website, because the HTML page that ends up being displayed in the browser is not a file stored on the server but generated on the fly for the visitor.

    The most common language for this is PHP, which was specifically built with websites in mind.

    You can also use other languages though, for instance Python. While you can write your own web server with Python, it's much easier to use an existing framework. A common one is Django, and there's also flask, which I recently discovered and came to really like.

    But again: if you want to do anything web design related, HTML and CSS is a must.

    Start here:

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  • 6 years ago

    Web Designing can be very helpful for your future. You can learn Web designing from various online courses. You have to be dedicated and innovative. Visit the link below and you can know more about Web Designing.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Web development is a very vast thing, if you are going to start this then you need to cover up the basic concepts of OOPS first. By this you can get the base of programming. And there is not only python there lots of other CMS are there like Magento, Joombla, Wordpress, cake PHP etc. So if you want to do the expertise in these languages then try to fresh out your technical skills every week. I remember when was creating my website then they told me to upgrade the webpages according to the latest updates.

    Source(s): Steve
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  • 6 years ago

    It is not difficult to learn photoshop, you can learn these tools just in 2 months but after learning these tools you need to create your own designs and you should bring your dreams and inspirations into reality. Just after 3 months you can easily make a website.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You can just start it from scratch.You have to learn the basic designing aspects like HTML,CSS first.

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  • 5 years ago

    Animation using javascript ? here is the solutions

    Youtube thumbnail

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