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what ornamental plants in the tropics are suitable on roof gardens?

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    Probably most plants would be fine except for huge trees. There might be a lot of full sun or there might be shade from surrounding buildings. Weight constraints might come into play with heavy water soaked containers of soil if the building is old. And you might want a link to the sewer for large scale operations.

    Container gardening is cool because you can prepare the soil in custom ways for each plant if your plan calls for a wide variety of specimens.

    I'll post a few databases, okay?

    A big list of pre-arranged container garden plans from Better Homes and Garden plus they have a virtual garden option which allows you to arrange your own plus other aids:


    This list is of plants that have medicinal or spiritual or other use:


    National (US) Tropical Botanical Garden's index:


    Here is a collection with a Pacific Rim tropical theme:


    And a desert tropical site with over 7000 entries:


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