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This question is for someone who known a great deal about guns. My husband has a gun in the home for security reasons and he likes to go shooting. He says that if someone broke into the home that I have the right to shoot them if I feel like they are a threat. However, he owns a glock 21 and I asked him, if you shoot that at someone, is it a possibility that the gun will keep going and hit someone else. Does anyone know at what point a bullet stops going and even if you did shoot someone isn't it bad to shoot straight in fear someone else might get hit. Please no dumb or rude comments, I was curious because I would like to be educated on how bullets and guns work but couldn't find any information about it online.

Also I read on the news that this woman shot a man with a shotgun and my husband said her house must be messed up because a shot gun would like rip open your walls even if it didn't hit them. Is he telling the truth?

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WOW! Thanks guys, that is some great advice, I appreciate it. I am learning so much about guns and their abilities. I told my husband that I want to go to a class and the gun range, because I feel I will never know the power of a gun until I shoot it, and I believe it will make me way more responsible in making sure I don't just think I can shoot at anyone, but also so I can show my son the importance is gun safety. Thanks again!! :)

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    The statement, "a shot gun would like rip open your walls even if it didn't hit them" is not accurate. They can be powerful and can damage walls, but only the walls that are directly hit. I wonder about the general gun knowledge and common sense of someone who says that.

    Bullets from a Glock 21 can definitely penetrate walls, even multiple walls, and also people. Rounds can actually leave your house and penetrate a neighbor's house, endangering the people inside. Most rounds fired in self defense miss the intended target, making this problem even worse. It is essential to know what is down range behind your target and fire only when it is safe to do so.

    A responsible gun owner interested in home defense will plan out lines of fire ahead of time. Do not fire in the direction of other occupied rooms within your home or other neighboring homes. One good line of fire in many two-story homes is down the staircase. The downward angle of the shot will allow you to use the ground as a backstop. Bedrooms are often on the second story with points of entry on the first. The stairway is a place anyone must pass through to threaten the safety of family members upstairs. It would concentrate intruders into a narrow space and it offers no cover for those ascending, but good cover for someone laying on the floor at the top.

    Some bullets penetrate less than others. One specially designed for these scenarios is called the "Glaser Safety Slug" which is designed to have very low penetration in building materials.

    A good book to read about self and home defense is "In the gravest extreme" by M. F. Ayoob.

    Gaining shooting experience at a gun range is highly recommended if you would consider using the gun in self defense. There are also many classes widely available, often aimed at people applying for a concealed weapon permit. A class like that would be helpful for your purposes as well. But at a minimum, shoot the gun at a range until you are comfortable with it.

    And remember to always treat every gun as if it is loaded, even when it is empty, and never let it point at anything you wouldn't be willing to shoot.

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    With a glock 21 the bullet would most likely stop inside the person assuming that you actually do shoot straight and hit the person. Most likely you would miss so you really don't want to shoot if you have family members standing behind the bad guy. It's also a semi automatic and with semi automatic pistols they tend to rise up on you very fast if you keep shooting. Therefore, if you shoot multiple times the gun can rise up to the point where you shoot yourself in the face. I say use the shotgun. Your husband is truthful about the damage but there is a better chance you will actually hit the bad guy and a smaller chance that you will shoot yourself in the face. Also if you have to kill an intruder, who cares about some reparable wall damage.

    PS. Barry is correct that for wall damage to occur something needs to actually hit the walls. My interpretation of the statement by you husband is that if you fire a shotgun in the house, the pellets that miss the bad guy will travel beyond the bad guy and a cause a great deal of interior damage to the home. Typically a shotgun fires multiple projectiles at the same time so the consequential home interior damage is likely to be greater than a single shot weapon. The blood spatter may also be greater. Not exactly what you said but the logical conclusion of what you or your husband meant to say.

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    Glock 21 .45 caliber. Fat and slow bullet. If you shoot hollow points then the penetration will be lessen and will not likely go through a person's body.

    Different caliber bullets has different bullet weigh, design, and powder amount so the power varies. But in general slow fat bullet like your 45 penetrate less than faster smaller bullets.

    Laws are different state to state on what's self-defense. The usage of a gun is an option. Whether you use that option correctly is your judgement. Just note that once that taken a shot at someone, you are going to talk to a lawyer, self defense or not.

    Blowing a hole in the wall is the least of your worries after a shooting....

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    Guns are fun, I admit. Shooting up beer cans, or (as when I was a kid) plastic models is fun. Target shooting where you have to control your heartrate and breathing to get a good score is good mental and physical exercise. But keeping loaded weapons around the house often doesn't turn out well. Statistically, the person most likely to get shot is yourself or a family member, because people get suicidal thoughts more often than they get armed intruders. So gun safety involves locking the gun and ammunition away so that you have to throw china at your spouse in a fit of rage, not bullets.

    If you genuinely fear random attack, you might be better off with learning unarmed combat, or the use of improvised weapons. The Academie Duello for instance offered a course in self-defense with an umbrella. Little use against a gun perhaps, but just fine against a couple of knife-wielding punks.

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    A recent incident in Mid-Michigan occurred when a robber accidentally discharged his firearm while trying to crawl through a window. That round traveled through the entire house and into the neighbors house before hitting a stud on the opposite side of their home. They didn't say what caliber this round was but from the picture of the extracted bullet it looked like a 9mm.

    I agree with Berry with the idea that you should almost always use hollow-point bullets for self defense purposes. In the tactical training program I attended last year I was informed of the potential penetration power of full metal jacket bullets.

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    Depends on caliber and type of bullet. Glock 21 is .45, and generally won't travel through walls very well. Hollow point bullets are generally used for self defense and expand upon impact which also reduces their ability to travel through walls in a home. Full metal jacket rounds tend to hold their shape better; if they missed the intended target they will travel further through the home.

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    Your husband is the one that you should be asking these questions of. It is his responsibility that everyone in his household is educated in gun safety and usage. The department of public safety, however, can tell you about the laws regarding unlawful entry into your home and what you can or cannot do to protect yourself and property. You can probably ask your husband to take you to a firing range and get some training into how to handle the weapons he owns.

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    If someone is advancing on you in your home and they have a weapon, are you REALLY going to be thinking about where the round might end up?????

    Are you going to let them rape and/or kill you because you're not willing to take a chance of some innocent person getting hit?????

    This is like saying you wont fly because airplanes have been known to hit the earth on occasion......

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