Shared vs. VPS hosting?


I was looking for opinions and experiences of which is better for...

for Performance. Not as interested in the accessibility to the server as I am performance, except perhaps implementing GZIP or Mod_Deflate which I don't think is available on shared hosting.(which, seems like a big help to implement).

Reason: Adding javascript calculators which will slow down pages by 3-fold to a site that is already slower than approx 50-60% of sites even with basic static html pages with a couple compressed images(according to Google)

Warning: I'm Very Amateur (Thank You)

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    10 years ago
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    Hi Kendrick,

    All things being equal, VPS hosting will always be better performance wise than shared hosting. The reason for this is that you are allocated your own set of server resources.

    A couple things to consider:

    VPS is more costly than shared hosting. I have shared hosting with Hostgator at $10/mo. I also have a VPS account at Servint which is $50/mo.

    VPS hosting allows you to install more scripts and applications. A shared hosting account may not allow certain applications due to excessive resource usage which would affect other users on the server.

    Since a VPS is basically your own separate server, there is some added responsibility regarding security. This is just a learning experience. In my case, the administration software helps with this, and the Servint forums were a great help as well.

    I can tell you that Servint support is very good, and has helped me on several issues within minutes. Hostgator help is good as well, although their response time is much greater. They do serve thousands of sites.

    So there it is. I hope this was a balanced explanation, although you can tell I'm a fan of Servint. ;)

    Best of luck in all your future projects.

    Source(s): I have several sites hosted with Hostgator and Servint.
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    I was in a similar situation like you a few months ago and made the switch to VPS. Yes it's more expensive, but the speed advantages are definitely noticeable and well worth it. Also, if you go with a few companies that specialize in VPS or dedicated hosting, their support will be better as well. Very handy if you are like me and frequently bug support with questions...

    Anyway, I read a ton of reviews and tested 2 VPS hosts before going with my current one, myHosting.

    - Hostgator: That was my first VPS host because I had shared hosting with them...I only noticed a small difference after switching, and felt like strangling their support.

    - Inmotion Hosting: Excellent speed, amazing support...not a single thing wrong with them.

    I would have stayed with Inmotion, but then found out about myHosting and they had an amazing 3 months free hosting coupon I found on some guy/girl's Twitter stream. I also checked websites for hosting coupons, but a lot of them seemed outdated. There's a guy on Twitter called "WebhostingD" who seems to update hosting coupon offers daily in his stream. If I were you, I'd switch to VPS given the requirements you posted...not sure if WebhostingD's current offers, but you might wanna check out if the 3 months free offer with myHosting is still going (it's like 52c/day after that, very cheap).

    I forgot to mention, myHosting offers full cPanel support and moneyback guarantee in case you're like me and prefer testing a company first before committing for good. You can cancel easily and get your money back. The speed difference from switching to VPS will be significant, it was for me...


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    7 years ago

    Shared hosting

    * It permits multiple customers to share the resources of 1 server.

    * It is compatible for prime traffic sites.

    * Consumer is free from any managing services.

    * There is a management panel that manages the databases.

    * It doenot give facility to place within the software system.

    Vps hosting:

    * It is an isolated hosting that doenot allow customers to share the resources.

    * Management is within the hands of client.

    * Ability to place in software package on your system.

    * The ip is devoted.

    * It is best for those sites that need warranted resources.

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    10 years ago

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