How do templates become websites?

I host a site with, and have spent

some time learning how to use their system, called

"website tonight". My site has serious

limitations with building a members list. I need to

have my next site be much more "full service", and stepped up professionally, using a flash template. I know I need SQL, but don't know who is a provider. But

godaddy says they don't have a department to host a

website built in other formats than their formats.

Interestingly enough they said that "if I got it to a

point where it was a website, and was coded, that they

could host it. But they couldn't tell me how to get


What is/are the step(s) that bridges what I know how to do with website tonight into building a site using a template?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    godaddy has the capabillity to do the functions you want but they are not going to build it for you. A template is a site that is waiting to be customized. the code you most likly need is PHP. Almost all hosts support php &sql. USing a flash template will complicate things even more as you will need to know Action Scripting to do all your server side functionality. I would suggest you go on the hunt for free HTML templates with php databases all setup. You can find all kinds of coded php files for membership sites here: I found a ton of them. But you might want to google for templates also. php is very tricky to edit on your own machine unles your running a server. good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    GoDaddy is lying to you - I *HAVE* websites hosted by them that are built using *MY* format - I build all my own sites, since I earn my living writing code, and I've never had a problem uploading any site I wrote to their server.

    Of course that means that you'd have to learn how to actually write the site you want - if you want it pre-built, you have to use what the hosting company provides, and no hosting company provides a site builder that builds you a database-capable site that uses flash.

    Bottom line is that you can't do it the way you want to do it - either learn to write it or use what they give you.

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