What is the best way to build your own business website?

What is the cheapest and easiest way to build a website? and after i get my website, how do i promote it? (post everywhere so people can see my website and business content)?

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    1 decade ago
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    A good business website option is Office Live Small Business. There are templates and tools to help you build your website and an online community to use for help with Q&A, tips and demos. There are also other business tools such as e-mail, site traffic reports and a contact management system. Take a look at the pricing page to see what you can get for free and what will have a cost.

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    Hello Midian88

    Yes there are lots of free options out there to build websites but I will cut to the chase and say you should pay a small fee of around $10 for a domain name and then about $8 a month for some hosting then you can set up a Wordpress.org blog.

    With this you can build websites as well as blogs and its a brilliant system for promoting yourself with as the search engines such as Google/Yahoo etc love blog sites.

    The wordpress system has endless applications that will assist you in promoting your business and is very easy to use and is used by millions.

    More help on this subject can be found here, http://nick-squires.com/category/blogging/

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    Hiring low-cost professional website design agency would be a smart decision. Our current promotional offer "Professionally developed business website in a week" costs C$500 (65% OFF). Details at http://digital-systems.ca/business-website-in-a-we... Our regular price can be viewed at http://digital-systems.ca/pricing

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    Website creation price depends on your requirement. I want to mean what do you want? Just few pages with text or want to add some complex things with lots of pages and designs.

    Promotions becomes easy via Social Website Hubs. You just need to take of your website info with relevant user friendly design. I am sure you will see the benefit than expected.

    Best of luck

    Source(s): Home Business Guide - http://www.yourhomebusinesses.co.nz/
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    Use Ultimate Web Builder - http://www.redesigns.org/web-builder

    It comes with a SEO (search engine optimization) tool to help you with search engine ranking. If you use the web host offered there (you can also pick your own), you can use the submit to search engines tool from the hosting control panel.

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