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What are the best indoor plant for office?

I want a indoor plant, easy to manage, not big. Any good suggestion?

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    Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) is the only good plant for an office that will bloom with any regularity. It is a great indoor plant and comes back well from a wilt if you forget to water.

    For foliage plants Dracaenas (Corn Plants) work well for offices and are easy to care for. The prettiest one is "Janet Craig", but there are several varieties with variegated or pinkish leaves of various widths.

    Aglaonemas work well. They have interesting and attractive patterns of silver or white on leaves of different shades of green. They are easy too. The thing that ties all these together is that they thrive in low light, and they are not to persnickty as to watering needs.

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    Spider plants really easy to care for or a small penny plant. Cheese plants and rubber plants also good but will grow rather ;large

  • If you like flowers, African Violets can be very pleasant. You will need a light over them for them to flourish. A full spectrum fluorescent bulb should be good. They can be found in different sizes and shapes. Two or three pots of different colors can usually be accommodated in a cubicle--I would use three. If you have an office with a window they should near the window but not in direct sunlight.

    A nursery near you will have plants, potting soil, food, and pretty pots for your violets.

    Check out Wikipedia on their care.

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    cactus, or the plastic type, when you go on vacation they wont die, trust me....

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