Does my website follow web design standards?

I'm a web programmer that's created a website where people can rate t-shirts, write reviews on t-shirts, buy t-shirts, and have the option to customize t-shirts. Is there anyone that knows design standards that can critique my web design? I'm a stickler and always make sure I do things the right way and follow the right standards. Is there anyone out there that can critique my existing web design. And also can anyone give me places of resources so that I can improve my web design skills. I consider myself a database and programmer guy and have no training in web design. Any help hints or advice would prove helpful. Thanks all for your support.

Brandon D.

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    Well if what jenna says is true. I wouldn't take the advice as her website has several major errors with the site when it comes down to validation. Anyway,

    Your best idea is to make sure you know what doctypes to use in the xhtml / html, and then to make sure you are coding your site in relation to the CSS and HTML validator:

    I would recommend looking up the box model method for HTML / CSS, After this is done look at the differences between different browsers, but apart from that the design is entirely up to your imagination, you just want to create a website that works over all platforms at the end of the day.

    Good luck!

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    The biggest thing you need to follow are the ADA guidelines, which includes, but is not limited to, Alt tags on all your images, which it looks like you've done, so bravo there. Overall I like the look and feel to the site. It's basic, but it's easy to navigate. One thing you might want to look into is changing the drop down at the top to automatically take you to each section, rather than using the Submit button.

    The only thing that is driving me nuts is the Hover on the images. When you hover an image, you get the nice border, however, it blows out everything else. While it's not necessarily something most users would care about, as a web developer it drives me up the walls. If you can maybe give your items some extra padding. It's your choice in the end.

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    firt the websites looks without much color, besides the Rate Products link is dead you need to fix that, but all looks good

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    I own


    if you'd like me to critiqueyou site

    email me at:

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