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Steps to start web design website?

I have spoken to my local government and they cannot guide me on what i have to do. I was wondering if i needed to file for fictitious name etc... according to them i do not have to pay any county taxes and the state department i spoke to was clueless. i was hoping to find someone who has had experience doing this in the state of florida. and can help me out. the last thing i would want to do is start a business the wrong way and end up owing thousands to the IRS because i did it wrong.

I live in manatee county in florida

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    When starting a web design website, you will be providing a service to your clients. Although you may not like doing this, but actually doing like a couple of days research regarding state and federal tax laws, will benefit you for years. The next best thing is to get find an accounting/bookkeeping firm within your county or area, that can help assist you with all your financial matters, so that you can focus on running and building your business. Even though the accounting firm can take care of your tax needs, I still recommend that you take a little time out to learn the tax system, for your benefit.

    Starting a business should be simple: filing for registration of a new business and then registering the business, where you receive your business license. Thereafter, you register with the state and federal government to get tax clearance(new businesses normally receive tax breaks in most countries, so you will save here). The 2 key components to have is to get your business registered and get that business recognized by the taxman as a business that will pay tax. That's the starting point.

    Maybe this link will help:

    Ok, well it seems like this website provides you with all the necessary information. Just follow what they say.

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