are there any free web hosting companies that support wordpress?

any free web companies that support the wordpress software

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    1 decade ago
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    In, you can create your wordpress blog or site and host it for free. Custom templates are also available. You can choose to upgrade your account or not. When you upgrade you have your own customize domain. also support wordpress. With its fantastico installer, you can install wordpress software easily. You can try it for one cent on the first month or avail the discount when you use their coupon codes at the later part of the payment process.

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    Below is the website that provides free web hosting. It supports php and mysql along with cpanel

    But relying on free hosting isn't a good idea. Hosting would cost you like 2-3 $ a month. There are lots of good one out there for cheap price

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    1 decade ago

    Yes there are free web hosting that support wordpress but why use free hosting when you can get very fast and reliable hosting for 1 cent? Hostgator awarded as best hosting. Wordpress is very good in hostgator. Here are coupons if you need them.

    $0.01 hosting with Hostgator Coupon Code: 1CENTPROMO

    25% OFF Coupon Code: SPECIALOFF25

    $24.94 OFF Reseller Package Coupon Code: SPECIAL2494

    Hope it helps =)

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    Check out MS WebMatrix for helpful information and a hosting gallery to get your WordPress website going.

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    7 years ago


    You can get Wordpress for free from this link

    It's a must have program.

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    Your best bet is, but many people have lots of problem with their account. Obviously free is not that good anyway.

    Alternatively, you can use Their hosting is apparently free, although there are certain limitations, such as you cannot put ads and cannot install your own plugins.

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