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Wordpress plugin help?

Hi there! Thanks for helping!!! I'm trying to create a website using wordpress its for a local community.. When I try put everything to work together its just hard to do it! Is there a pluggin that is able to create smooth pages layout? A contact us page? And what pluggin do you recommend? And also I'd to give the site a membership area on the site,which pluggin is more suitable? Thanks alot

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    Not sure what you mean by smooth page layout.

    Some theme will come with their own contact page. Else you can use contact form 7.

    As for plugins, the less you install, the less overhead there is and the faster will your pages load. You might, however, want to install all-in-one-seo for SEO, a cache plugin for speed (there are many plugins to choose from).

    For membership, you could consider s2member.

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