Steps to build a well done website?

Hey friends, So I want to build a well done website, I am getting into a new motorsport and want to build something that comes off professional and will allow me to have a counter and attract sponsors (or a way for me to go to sponsors and show them my seriousness). I took a web design class back in high school some 5 years ago and recall html editor and dreamweaver and fireworks but thats it and maybe simple code. PLease recommend to me a good place to get a domain, a host and programs I should go purchase and possibly a book for me to study the code and how to use the programs.

If there is anything im missing here please let me know, thanks a bunch!

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    9 years ago
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    I recommend one of these:

    FatCow or iPage have the best features for the price.

    Their hosting plan includes:

    - Free domain name (.com, .net, .org)

    - Unlimited storage and bandwidth

    - Unlimited email addresses per domain name

    They include a free point & click online site builder so you can create a website without any programming (easily, just by drag and drop) or you could install Wordpress (they include easy, one click install from their control panel), choose a theme that you like, and start adding content.

    They also have a great custom control panel with OneClick installs of all the popular software like Wordpress, Joomla, Forums, Chat, Galleries, Online stores and a lot more.

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    9 years ago

    Okay, so here's what you do.

    Go to They have the best deal on domain names, and you get actual ownership, unlike Godaddy that can take your domain instantly if you miss a payment. Domainsite will let you register any .com domain name for about $10.99.

    After you've done that, find yourself a hosting account with Cpanel. Cpanel is very useful, and takes a lot of the work out of doing the cool stuff. Cpanel with Fantastico is better though, because it has a much larger variety of things that can be installed in one or two clicks.

    To find a cpanel host, there are a few places you can look. Good web hosting is truly not expensive these days. For a good entry level web host, expect to pay between $8 and $10 a month for hosting.

    Start with and check out their offers section.

    Another good place to look is host search (

    Once you have your domain and your web hosting, you want to go into cpanel, and set up Wordpress. Once you've set up Wordpress, go to Themeforest and find yourself a good looking professional Wordpress theme. Should cost you about $35 ( The cool thing about theme forest is that the designers that make these things are available to answer your questions. Before buying one, make sure to read the customer comments to make sure that there are not a lot of complaints.

    Anyway, that's how you do it.

    From there, all you need to do is a little graphical tweaking here and there.

    Good luck and enjoy.

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    9 years ago

    You don't have to know coding now a days to create a web page and that is thanks to sites like WordPress they have templates that are ready for you to customize and install below I will leave you a link to see the best 10 themes of 2012, you can choose anyone of them, for a domain I suggest that you visit they are really good and you will be able to buy a domain for about 10 bucks, for hosting visit the link below to see the top 10 hosting sites and choose what you think is best for you, some of these web hosting sites they do offer you a free domain when you sing up.

    Good luck

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    In my opinion:

    First you need to have a good background in html, css, and jscript.

    Second you need to use a programming language to build your web pages, most developers divides between two languages: Microsoft ASP.NET(C# or Visual Basic), or PHP.

    And finally, a little knowledge about database programming won't hurt anyone.

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  • 9 years ago

    You can get domain at Godaddy and hosting at Hostgator. (Tip: use these coupon codes to get discount on hosting: 1CENT2012HG - 1st month for 1 cent or 25LESSIN2012 - 25% discount).

    It is easier to choose CMS platform like WordPress or Joomla and get proper template (and customize it), than to code whole website.

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    ^Covers most everything you may need to know about building the site

    ^Where you can purchase your domain, and even server space to store your site on.

    Also, Google is your best friend. ;D

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