Questions about new website launch?


I have many queries about my new website:

1) Is it true that I need to buy domain name from all the countries?

2) If I buy a domain name (from vendor say godaddy), is there a chance to steal/buy the same domain name by big companies?

3) Once I get domain name, I have to get web hosting vendor, how to believe this vendor about protecting my html and server pages and also the database behind it? Is there any chance of selling(web hosting vendor) my website content to other big companies if they offer more?

4) How about hosting my website on my desktop by making it online 24/7? If so, what are all the security steps I need to take? And how I can bare millions of hits? How about the scalability?

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  • 8 years ago
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    1) No. One domain name, either .com .net or .org is enough.

    2) No. No one can take away your domain name unless you use some company's trademark.

    3) No. Plus if anyone copies your website's content (which happens all the time, no one can prevent it) Google and other search engines will punish them by removing their website from their index for "duplicate content" so that's a pretty big risk for anyone thinking of copying someones website.

    4) It's not worth it. It's a lot better, safer, faster and cheaper to get professional hosting.

    If you wanted to host it yourself, you would have to:

    - still buy a domain name and setup the name servers

    - have your computer running all the time

    - administer your server (this means install some Linux OS, Apache, mysql, php, and other software, update it all the time, checking daily for new security vulnerabilities, and patching your server, basically be the full time administrator, and it would still be a lot less secure)

    - upgrade your internet connection THIS IS BIG - professional hosts have multiple GIGABIT connections (this is both download and upload) that's about thousand times faster than the upload speed you have at home, which is the speed your visitors would have for loading your website) and even just a small upgrade to your existing internet connection speed which still wouldn't come even close to gigabit speeds professional web hosts have, would cost you a lot more than the full price of hosting.

    If you don't want to spend a lot of money you can get web hosting for really cheap like some of these and you can easily upgrade it if you do get millions of users.

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    8 years ago

    1) No, you need only one domain name. The whole world will be able to access your website with only one domain. However, you are free to buy as many as you want, but keep in mind that there are hundreds of country domains out there.

    2) Big companies will not steal your domain. However, if you infringe on their trademarks, they will go after you and probably take your domain away.

    Sometimes, domains get stolen by shady guys. This happens more with very valuable domains, not with a just registered domain. Therefore, get your domain from moniker: It's the most secure registrar.

    3) No, they will not sell it - you own the copyright of your own content and could sue them for that. Web hosting is a business of trust. The best thing is to go with a reputable web host like E2. They offer great hosting for a very affordable price. Here's a link to check them out: I host most of my sites with them and I'm very satisfied with their service.

    4) Hosting the website on your own computer is not worth the trouble.

    You will not get millions of hits on your home computer as this will make your website very slow.

    It's different if your website is with a good web host. A web host has fast lines with high bandwidth and a lot of servers. So, he could serve a few million visitors without problems. Here it depends for example on your web hosting plan, on how you set up your website, how big an average page is, etc.

    I would always keep scalability in mind. For example not every script scales up easily.

    Hope this helps.

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