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Question about tropical houseplants?

I just received a tropical houseplant as a gift. I was told to water it once a week. Do brown tips mean too much water or too little water? Help.......I keep getting conflicting answers to this.

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    Do you know what kind of house plant is it? Most problems people have with houseplants is that they over water. Once a week, could be too little though depending on the moisture in your house. If you have a wood burner, moisture is especially taken up quickly in the winter. You usually have to water more often than normal. I've had plants that require watering daily. The pot also plays a large factor in how quickly the moisture is taken out of the soil. I'd google the plant and research it a bit before growing. Being that you have brown tips, my guess in your case is that your plant is drying too much in between watering. Feel the soil with your finger each day and when it is dry to touch soak it. Put them in the shower too sometimes to clean them off and give humidity. It is good once in awhile to flush out the soil to get out the excessive minerals. You can tell when you see alot of white around the pots and on the soil. Try to replicate what conditions are like in the tropics. As far as sunlight goes, research what footcandles are and determine how many your plant requires. You can put a hand a 12" away against a piece of white paper and this will show you how strong the sunlight is. You could probably google this. Remember that in the tropics, most houseplants are in the understory and are not in direct sunlight.

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    Brown tips can mean too much fertilizer was added, then the plant dried out. Just in case this is it, try placing it in the sink, Take wrappings--foil, plastic--off and turn on cold water to a slow flow and leave it there until it has drained thoroughly and no color or little color is in the drainage water flowing through the soil. Then let it set until it drains no more and then keep it dry until your finger will go an inch deep into the soil and it is still dry before watering again. What is the name of the plant? I know that philodendron, sometimes called "ivy" will need to be given very little water and no fertilizer until around March. Then use 1/2 strength high nitrogen fertilizer. (first letter of the three NPK on package)

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    yes, to much or not enough water does cause this problem. Also lack nutrients, to much heat and to much cold.

    Find a place iin the house for the winter and not close to heat source and a place that you can get some day light on it. But not direct light unless it is a light for plants.One thing I always do if I get or buy a new planet is re pot as soon as you can and put it in a good size pot.

    It is ture. Plants do like attention, I know it sounds funny, just give it a try.

    Good luck on your plant.

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