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Okay.Okay, so 12 lines is a bit much, How about 1 cat Haiku Challenge? 10 point purr to the winner?

Bandit (Three Haiku)

Delicate black cat

Softly purring kisses me

And possession claims.

Though the blanket we dispute

Possession is nine points of the cat's paw.

The claw is there to prove

That none the cat may move

She sleeps peacefully.

Summer (from Seasonal Haiku)

Sky is full this night

As the cat ate the bright sun

And roars with delight.


Patzky, at least yours was up a tree, I've never seen any cat skeletons there. One of my little gus lost his ear to frostbite last winter, staying out from Thanksgiving 'til after Easter and getting caught in snow back in the woods. Tracked him through a couple of successful hunts, but he evaded me until nearly starved, after the vet said we'ed never get him back in. I heard his mewing in the garage and got him in with food and litter pan. He's purely an inside cat and terrified when he gets out. We had a job rehydrating him, but he's back to himself, sans ears.

Update 2:

Todd, your haiku's great, classic form.

Update 3:

Zelda, great winter dream.

Update 4:

Angel sounds luxurious, as only a cat with a sunbeam can be.

Update 5:

Marguerite: How catty! Bemo: Good effort for not knowing rules, 14 syllables, usually 5,7,5, central verb shared (cutting) google Haiku for more.

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  • gehme
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    1 decade ago
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    I know nothing about haiku other than what I see on this page and I don't quite "get it", but did this for the fun of it, anyway.

    I haven't "owned" a cat in years, but those I had were always adopted strays, whom I think are more deferential than cats brought up with people.

    Mother mouse 'neath leaves

    A paw commanding presence

    Your brood soon bereaves.

    Silly fearful cat

    Fearsome 'possum steals your food

    You will not grow fat

    Endless jumping grasps

    Not even once holding fast

    Yet cat never gasps

    Tiger creeps near prey

    An antelope falls today

    Kitty dreams away

    Cat sleeping in sun

    Bright stars and moon fled your eyes

    And your day was done

    My eyes, cat eyes, meet

    And specific boundary crossed

    Tells me, "time to eat"

    uh. Can't get this off my mind

    Wash this hand, then that

    Bird and mouse make dirty work

    For hard-working cat

    Archer testing bow

    Tautly bending, unbending

    Cat rises from nap

    Bright heart of tiger

    Feeding claws hungry for blood

    The cat hunts the mouse

    I promise to put this out of my mind for the rest of the day

    Willow in the wind

    Branch bent back upon itself

    Cat washes his back

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  • 1 decade ago

    the one-cat haiku challenge... my only question is this: winter or summer games?

    plaintive mewing - where?

    pine boughs shelter, feline found

    how to get her down?

    i had a cat years ago that was mighty good at getting UP trees... but not too keen on the down side of things.

    edit::: that is funny you say that, a friend of miine said the exact same thing when i conveyed my concern about cats forever stuck in trees. his words... "there would be a lot more windchimes in trees if they couldn't get down, don't you think?"

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hello there, here's my Haiku. It's about my cat Angel.

    Orange fluffy cat

    Sitting on a wooden bench

    Laying in the sun.

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  • Bemo
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    1 decade ago

    With touch ,soft

    Quiet step

    Sweet look

    Kitty steals my heart

    Sorry I wrote this and I really don't know the rules for Haiku

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  • Todd
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    1 decade ago

    Hello Fr. Al,

    I always find Haiku so difficult. Here is my attempt.

    Frog upon the grass

    Gold eyes flicker from above

    Cat pounces unseen

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  • 1 decade ago

    How about this?

    The cat dismisses

    Food offered, depositing

    A steamy message

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sweetly two cats sleep

    Dreaming of the small mouse nest

    Lodged inside our grill.

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