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What do scientists really know about ASMR? what do you know about it?

ASMR..are those pleasurable brain tingles you get from certain relaxing sounds such as when people slowly murmur to themselves or brush your hair. You might get them from watching this video

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i researched ASMR and the only thing it really told me was that it was a tingly pleasurable sensation from certain stimuli...There's really nothing else on it? what do you know about it?


ASMR i'm talking about stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

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    This is not a scientific concept.

    a few quick searches through scientific publications for the abbreviation "ASMR" gives 27 results, in all of which ASMR stands for "Age-standardized mortality rate", "amélioration du service medical rendu", and in one case "active-site-methylated rhodopsin"

    google scholar gives 3,270 results, most of which are also "age-standardized mortality rate", but I am also seeing "airway smooth muscle responses", "air to salt mass ratio", "application specific mobile robot", "age-structured mark−recapture analysis", "asphyxia-specific mortality rate", "approach of the steady mediterranean refugia", "adjusted squared multiple R", "acute severe mitral regurgitation", etc

    No publications mention anything like "autonomous sensory meridian response".

    A brief web search shows that the ASMR you talk about is a concept made up in the beginning of 2010 by someone Andrew MacMuiris, a writer from Cape Town, and supported by Jenn Allen "Logo Maker Extraordinaire" and others at "

    I would say the original blog, , is as authoritative as you can get with this concept.

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    I would be interested to know more about this too

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    The American Society of Mining and Reclamation. If that gives you tingly feelings, anyway.

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