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what is the best cms between (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal)?

whats the best cms to use when it comes to SEO, and user friendly addons (i don't know if its the right term. eg module and plugin of joomla).

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    The best CMS for SEO, for the average user, is Joomla. Out of the box, just like all other dynamic webapps such as WordPress and Drupal, it's poor. But all these things are fixed with plugins in the world of CMS, so the one with the most and/or the best plugins wins out. That's Joomla, it has nearly 4,000 plugins right now.

    All the apps you quoted are good for SEO, when managed correctly. If you don't install the right plugins in the right way, they will all be poor. Get good advice or you may not get the best results.

    In any case - you may not be asking the right question. Since they are all OK for SEO, you should maybe be asking "Which is best for my particular job?". Here's a quick breakdown of the pros and cons:

    WordPress: not a true CMS (it's too limited), it belongs to a class of blog /CMS crossover apps that could be called Micro CMS. It's absolutely the best choice if you want to get online fast and easy. It is best when you will be creating articles that are done and dusted quickly - finished with after a week or so, and not updated. So news and commentary - ie blog-type material - is the best fit. Also if you want people to comment on your articles, so you can establish a conversation.

    Movable Type is the next one up, in this class. It's more capable than WP because it's bigger. It is closer to being a real CMS.

    Joomla is a true CMS, and in the rich media publishing tool class. In fact it is the king of multimedia publishing. With 4,000 plugins you can do anything. But it's definitely not a large enterprise CMS. Use the Joomla 1.0.15 version, don't use the new 1.5 series - too many problems and not enough plugins - basically still in beta+. A CMS like this is used when you have different types of content (eg Flash slideshows, text articles, module items, image galleries, music clips) - and when the articles you write will stay current and be updated. Editing and organisation is far better in a true CMS like this.

    Drupal is a good choice if you need ACL, access control for different editor groups. If you have various people who own different sections, this is the one. It's much harder to use than Joomla though - which itself is much harder to use than WordPress. Drupal's the one if you have many content owners.

    So if I were you I'd work out what job you need to do first. All these are good for SEO but Joomla is the best. I work on SEO for these webapps every day so this is my game, I'm not repeating hearsay.

    Read the article linked below for a comparison of WordPress v Joomla.

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    It seems as though you already know the main differences, though wordpress can be customised heavily it is basically blog software, we've created a knowledgebase ourselves using wordpress though which works well and I'm sure there are many other good uses.

    Drupal and Joomla are both great CMS and both have a roughly equal share of the market. You can achieve a lot of the same things between them, but it makes sense to choose one and focus your efforts upon it fully to gain a deep knowledge of it instead of spreading yourself and being average at both.

    I would suggest you spend a day or two using both, and decide which you prefer then stick with it. You will be able to develop in either fine, and both are fully skinnable, you should read the license of open source themes but most will be fine to customise yourself even for commercial use.

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    Wordpress is primarily designed for small personal web publishing. Drupal and Joomla are the one for serious web sites. Read the documentations, especially on installing and configuring them the first time. Once you passed the initial installation, the rest is easy. You don't need to know php to use Drupal and Joomla, however they are useful when you want to design/modify templates. The advantage of using CMS is that you don't need to know PHP or HTML to write contents; however setting them up the first time does require a bit of technical knowledge. > What are your thoughts? Is it ok to customize open source > themes for clients? Why do you think they are made for? Those themes are there for you to use, modify, and redistribute

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    You should use Joomla. As I feel it has much more features then Wordpress OR Drupal. Joomla is CMS and has components available to extend features on your site.

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    it depends on what you intend to do with the cms. Generally joomla is very good for magazine/news related sites while wordpress is good for blog or personal sites. Drupal is also lightweight and suited for more generic use.

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    Hi, wordpress is the best, because is more complete.

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