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what is mobile web design?

what is mobile web design?

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    Mobile Website:

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    The term mobile 'web design' is a bit of an old school thing these days. Responsive web design replaces that idea with the approach of building one site that can cater to all devices (computer, tablet, phone). These days if someone is targeting mobile users only, its most often in the form of a dedicated app, which is really something else entirely.

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    Mobile web designing is a process of design web pages or electronic pages compatible with mobile devices.So that user can easily access the browser based internet services through mobile phone.

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    Nowadays smart phone users are increased day by day. Worldwide information are come into singe mobile. So every website owners are very much interested in doing mobile web design at the time of designing desktop website.

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    What an interesting question, for me mobile web design can be defined as as the craft of designing and developing websites for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. In connection to this, if you're looking for the best web design company, i highly recommend Toronto Designed, a full digital service company in Toronto. It is a team of web professionals who develop aesthetic and captivating websites with convenient navigation and customized graphics.

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    Beauty could be a lot of things. For me a beautiful website not only looks good but has a great user experience that works perfectly and delivers the results for the client.

    Clients come in all shapes and sizes. Some will want to see something tangible for their money - so in this case mock ups and visuals could be required. Taking Mark's response on board, sometimes I am "that designer". I can't see this changing anytime soon. There's a small group of web celebs who seem to think not showing clients any visuals is a good thing. I tend to disagree...

    ... However, other clients will trust you to lead the way so you can take a more creative steer using mood boards, element collages and prototypes.

    Either way sketching out ideas, functionality concepts, wireframing, looking at other sites and apps for inspiration - everything's in the mix regardless of client expectation.

    I tend to avoid frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. There are handy snippets to utilise, but I don't want my sites to look the same and act the same. I like to write and test my own code rather than sift through someone else's.

    I tend to use Illustrator for mockups and visuals simply because I prefer working with vectors. I can also export retina friendly SVGs from Illustrator too.

    I use Sublime Text for code, Codekit to compile my SASS files, Duo , Chrome and IE to preview and test.

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    Responsive Web design or mobile web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. The practice consists of a mix of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries

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    A Web site designed for the small screens of smartphones. Queries to a Web site include the type of browser being used, and when a request from a mobile browser is made, the site redirects it to its mobile counterpart (if there is one) for a more convenient surfing experience.

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    5 Stunning and Usable Mobile Website Designs

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