free ways and tips to find what i will write as a content on my web site?

free ways and tips to find what i will write as a content on my web site without buying plr and without copy and pasting another man article

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi there!

    I think you might have skipped a critical step. Before you write anything, you need to know what keyword you are going to be optimizing the article around.

    So, I would suggest that you use the free Google keyword suggestion tool and put in the main topic of your site.

    Then look at the results Google shoots back. Start looking for phrases that have a decent amount of traffic. Select a few that you think might be good for building your article around, then take the phrase with quotation marks around it, and do a search in the Google seach engine.

    If you can find something that shows less than say, 50,000 results, that is something that you can maybe do well in being picked up in the search engines with your article or content.

    Now read 4 or 5 of the search results and find 3 points that you like and make sense about your topic. Paste those in a notepad. Read them over one more time and then just knock out the article in your own words. Add an introduction paragraph and a conclusion, and you are done.

    Lastly give it a Title and H1 heading on your website that includes that keyword phrase. Do not overly use the phrase in the article, but maybe some similar keywords that you would like to rank for.

    Once you get in the frame of mind of doing this, you can put a 500 word article together in 15 minutes.

    Hope that helps! Good luck.

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    1 decade ago

    Sometimes what I do to find ideas for writing content for my site is reading articles or blogs. Instead of writing a comment on the article on their site, I write my opinion on the article on my site and depending on how important it is for my readers to have read the article first, I will include a link to the article.

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