Need help with a project for my web page design class?

Yesterday our teacher from my web page design class made us partner up and gave us a project and some questions to go with that project. Basically the questions are multiple choice and we have to answer the questions and write down why we think thats the answer. Most of these questions well actually all of these questions we haven't even discussed or been taught in class. My partner that I was assigned and I we've been looking through our book and we can't even find the answers. Hopefully someone can help up us.

1. Which of the following is a crucial aspect to an effective design?

A. Extra words

B. Adjectives and adverbs

C. Attractive, eye-catching graphics

D. Small, unobtrusive lettering


2. Designer A and Designer B are discussing the use of scripting languages to create animated graphic files. Designer A states that XML is becoming more popular, because the language allows designers to create higher-definition vector graphics. Designer B states that animation on the Web will be used more because of the use of databases in Web forms. Who is correct?

A. Designer A

B. Designer B

C. Neither Designer A nor Designer B

D. Both Designer A and Designer B

3. When a designer is obliged by the client to apply certain physical sizes and file types to the layout of a document, the designer is said to be working according to a(n) _____ sheet.

A. editorial style

B. specification

C. electronic style

D. house type

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    For Question 1:

    Well, lets go through what it isn't.

    A. Extra words just make the reader have to read more, and this can be quite irritating, sometimes a reader just wants to come along, work around your site, and leave, if you use too many words, you may start to blabber on about nothing, and people may find that boring and forget about your website.

    B. Adjectives and adverbs - i can't see how using these would help web design in any way, it may make the text more enjoyable, or more effective, but the web design in general, i doubt it.

    D. Small, unobtrusive lettering can be handy, but can also be quite painful, especially if someone has vision problems.

    So obviously, the best of these would be an attractive design with eye-catching graphics, but remember, a bit of all of these can also help make up a great website. You never want too many graphics, but you also never want too much text, you need to find a balance, then people will enjoy your site.

    For Question 2:

    > Neither A nor B, as both don't have much to do with vector graphics.

    For Question 3:

    > I think its a specification sheet.

    Good Luck on your project,

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