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about getting a gun license/permit?

how old do i have to be

what do i have to do


and where could i purchase one and where do i get a license

btw i live in California

..much appreciated!

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    the only license is to buy handguns, called a "handgun safety certificate". not needed if you're buying private party transfer.

    as for guns in general:

    18 years + for long gun, shotgun

    21 years for handgun

    no felony, not insane, no restraining order, legal US citizen, no violent crime even not felony, no outstanding warrants for arrest or fines.

    a new law being enforced, no ammo sales to under 21 years if the ammo can go in a handgun, no exceptions. so if you buy a .22LR rifle, you can't buy any ammo for it until you're 21. Very unfair, you'll need to watch for that one. Wasn't like this way until about 8 months ago.

    gun sales as follows:

    retail price of gun + regional sales tax, soon to be 9.5%

    DROS fee, generally $25

    FFL dealer fee, $15 to $60

    10 days wait for any gun

    1 month per pistol purchase

    10 rd magazine ban limit (except tube magazines), there's a long list of banned rifles and shotguns, going around the ban is costly and a pain in a a$$.

    handgun you may only buy handguns legal in California, list changes every year and its getting shorter every week. Exceptions: used handgun, C&R purchase, antique.

    you can get a concealed carry permit for a handgun in California, its extremely difficult since the state is full of liberals that wouldn't shoot to save their loved ones' lives. Instead that come up with idiotic alternatives that most of the time is impractical or very stupid. CA carry permits are only legal in CA, don't get tricked into a applying for a permit that works in a bunch of states, since its not valid here.

    Source(s): turned 18 in 2006, 21 in 6 months. I'm very lucky that I can bear arms, the next generation of adults can still bear arms, but there will be nothing to buy since its all banned. I estimate that the legal California handgun list will cease to exist in about 6 years. I'll be lucky to even get the handgun I want when I turn 21. If you're interested I have a bunch of guns to shoot if you're willing to provide the ammo (only applies to the SKS carbine) I live in Orange county, CA. Its a good chance to have an idea of what you want before you go buy them.
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    You do not need a license/permit to buy a firearm in California. You will need a Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC) to buy a handgun. It is available from just about any place that sells handguns, costs $25, is good for 5 years and requires passing a simple test (a study guide is available). You must be 21 to buy a handgun from a dealer, 18 to buy rifles or shotguns from a dealer or a handgun from a private party. All private party sales must be completed through a licensed dealer. Just contact your local gun shop for guidance. I've also included a link to the California Department of Justice Firearms Division you might want to consult.

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    I think you have to be 12 or 13. You don't pay that much- I only paid ten bucks. Call up a gun store and ask if they give hunting classes and licenses. A lot do.

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    Lmao ok seriously what'd going on? guns to fend off the cops? lmao

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