What are some SEO web design tips?

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  • 9 years ago
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    1.Create a unadorned web design. Plain websites load quickly and straightforwardly indexed by search engine robots.

    2.Do not aid frames in your website design. Lot of frames in a website furthermore takes too long loading calculate and therefore the robots discover it trying to crawl the website.

    3.Write unique Meta title tags. It helps the robots to determine the uncommon web pages in a website.

    4.The page first name or URL should consist of the significant keywords as it gives an perception of could you repeat that? The page is all in this area.

    5.Try to keep up a apposite part pro the page name

    6.The terms in the URL should not be tied. Try to aid hyphen linking terms in the page. The robots can straightforwardly pointer the URL’s with hyphens. 7.Try to dodge using underscores.

    8.The page size should not be too generous, mean page size should be not more than 50 kb

    9.Use your foremost embattled keywords in H1 or H2 tags. These robots produce a ration of substance to H1 tags.

    10.Create unadorned and apparent text. The search engine robots should straightforwardly read it.

    11.Try to keep up a word limit pro all the web pages. Use in this area 350 to 600 terms pro all web page.

    12.Do not eat too much image in a web page. The robots can’t pointer images and it furthermore takes ration of calculate to load a web page.

    13.If you aid images at that time Give appropriate alt text pro all images in a web page. Try to aid keywords in alt text.

    14.Use sparkle facility judiciously. Try to aid sparkle as far as vital. Flash websites and other sparkle facility take long calculate to load. Search robots furthermore fail to pointer sparkle facility.

    15.Never embed your text in the sparkle bring about. The search cannot pointer text embedded in a sparkle bring about.

    16.Avoid using image navigation, as it is not search engine friendly. It is ideal to aid text navigation in a web page as it helps the user as well as search engines to navigate smoothly.

    17.Make a detailed sitemap of a website. The search robots can straightforwardly energy to one web page from this web page.

    Always place the logo on the high missing furnish corner of the web page. The search engine robots reads the web page like a creature from missing to aptly, top to bottom

    18.Avoid eat too much of Pop - ups in the web page. This kind of advertisements cannot be indexed by the search engine robots and is furthermore irritating to the web visitors.

    19.Use breadcrumb in a web page.The breadcrumb should consist of significant terms shiny the content of the corresponding page

    20.Create an miscalculation page. of your website. In case, the user mistakenly or wrongly types an incomplete URL at that time this page will be displayed. This helps the web user to energy the first website. This page should be designed by the book.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Design is different than content, but for design you should read and study some books on the subject, such as The Non-Designers Web Book, and Learning Web Design. For content SEO (and they go hand in hand) you can use what was posted here by others if you can translate it.

    You can also find most of what you need in some of the "... For Dummies" books.

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