how much should a web design cost?

what's the "average" cost of a web design? I need a web page for a small company I'm launching....and am wondering what budget I should put aside..

I know it's a hard question to answer, but since I have no clue, any approximate will be appreciated

thanks in advance

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    The only way to really find out is to put together even a rudimentary specification for your design and get multiple quotes on it.

    Any other numbers will be "WAGS" and could hurt your business plan if way too high or too low.

    There are plenty of very, very good designers out there looking for jobs, so the market is quite competitive.

    I've both booked and gotten jobs via places like and others. Just take any wicked-low bids with a grain of salt until you can really dissect their references/portfolio.

    As some perspective, we get $10k or better for complex ecommerce sites, but simple design jobs can be just a few hundred dollars if the potential customer has already done a bunch of homework and knows what they want.

    This is a market that "you get what you pay for" can be a very cold reality, so don't do anything just on price.

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    I work for Webmosa ( and I would agree with what has already been said "You get what you pay for". We get many new clients who have spent just a few hundred dollars that ended up in small claims fighting to get their money back as the quality was so poor. Our basic package starts at $1,000 - this comes with many necessary "bells and whistles". Most companies either charge a ton for SEO, or start to add costs for graphics - we include some in the cost. We sell our packages to brand new local companies as well as large international ones. You would have the ability to login and make modifications yourself, it would be optimized, and most importantly it would look professionally built. Fill out our contact form and we would love to talk more with you about it.

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    I even have labored on projects construction web pages only like this, and for something on the dimensions of Monster with all a similar valuable factors you would be finding at greater like £50 to £75k. and remember thats in ordinary terms the initiating, promoting and ongoing maintenance/information superhighway hosting at the style of professional point will bump that up notably. needless to say you are able to build something on an honest budget given sufficient time, yet high quality and usefulness will continuously go through.

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    I used these guys before;

    and their initial ball park was around $300 - $500 for a 4-5 page website. They ended up charging me $300 and I couldn't have been more happy with the quality of work I got for that great price.

    Oh yeah, by the way to help give you some perspective, I was getting quotes for over $1,000 to do the same thing this company did for $300.

    Good Luck.


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    Wow I see a lot of big numbers, I used this relatively new small business in St. Louis and they only charged me 150.00 for a 5 page website. I guess they are cheaper since they are new, you may want to check them out...

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