Can i use some site's content on my web site?

Can i use some web site content on my web site without requesting permission from that site if there isn't copyright reserved written on their web site?Meaning if there isn't any copyright on that site i can use which ever information i want for my web site???

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    1 decade ago
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    The most ethical thing to do is to use the content for writing ideas and write your own content. It used to be that search engines would give out duplicate content penalties to either the original site or the copied site, but that does not seem to happen very often.

    However, you would like to engage your visitors and simply copying content is not going to cut it. If visitors have seen the content somewhere else, they may get confused or leave your site quickly. For long term results it's better to have a personal (engaging) writing style. You don't want to have a mixture of different writing styles, unless you have a blog with multiple writers.

    You can of course use free articles/content from ezinearticles. If you ever just want to use a small portion of some page, be nice and include a link back to the original site.

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