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Have you ever taken your dog for a canine massage?

If so, how much did it cost and was it vet recommended for surgery recovery or strained muscles?

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    We do agility, and the canine massage therapist is always there to provide massages and they are always PACKED! She charges around $35-$45, and the dogs do GREAT... if they get sore from the exercise, etc., the massage really helps them feel better- they are also good at identifying problems with your dog- health issues like lumps, bumps, hot spots, etc.

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    No, I haven't as we don't have anyone who offers that service in my area, but I am taking a canine massage class in a couple weeks through our local community education program. One of my dogs recently had orthopedic surgery and the other has knee surgery in a couple weeks, so I figure it will be good for rehab. The class is 3 hours long and $7. If you're interested in canine massage, maybe you can see if there is something like this in your area? Then you could do it yourself, I think it would be a good way to bond with your dog.

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    Yes. Chance used to visit a canine masseur and canine chiropractor after his accident.

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