How to Build A Website?

How can I build my OWN website. How do I start, what do I need. Just a basic website hosted online with a domain name and have my own copyright?

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    Why don't you try building a site using angelfire first. That host is really simple, and it'll give you the practice you need to make changes, upload pictures, etc. it's a good starting site. After you get the hang of how to build a site I would suggest getting dreamweaver and photoshop so that way you can customize your site. You could always do things the hard way and just type up the html code in notepad but it's helpful to be able to see what you're doing in dreamweaver.

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    I suggest you visit they come with a free domain name, unlimited webspace and bandwidth.

    They also come with a website building wizard to get your site up and running the easy way.

    Also when you go with the hosting enter discount code 25OFF for 25% off all their plans.

    I have several sites with them and have been more than happy with their help and support.

    Hope this helps


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    Take a look at the Sandvox web design program for Macintosh ( It's an easy website creator that allows users to edit HTML coding as they see fit (in the Pro edition). Sandvox comes with 50 webpage templates (with more being created everyday by third-party sources), allowing you to create a professional web site. Take a look at their tutorial screencast and check out the free demo download if you like what you see:


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    maybe free open source cms called Zimplit can help you, it has on-site editor and you can use any template. Also Zimplit provide domain and hosting. There are manuals and demo available.

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    1 decade ago

    building a real website with .com or your domain name

    is like having a physical store

    3 steps you need to complete

    1. find a physical store (find a server/virtual host)

    you may rent or do it by yourself or but it

    Rent-means you need "virtual host" (search engine can help you)

    Do it by yourself - find a computer and set it as a server

    2. put your commodities in your physical store (uploading your contents to server)

    Web contents are placed to the server(photos or texts)

    any function you need can install in this stage

    3. name your physical store (domain name setting like

    let visitors can link to your website by setting DNS server

    you may set such server by yourself

    try outsourcing of it - you will save a lot of time

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    You should check out . They have the easiest website builder i have been able to find. just point and click

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    See for an excellent introduction/

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