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How to care for houseplants.?

It is like a running joke in my family that i cant keep houseplants alive, even the ones that people say are "indestructible."

they either die, or getting totally eaten by some sort of bugs i cant see.

i generally water about once a week unless the soil feels moist. i keep them in sunny spots in the house....idk what else to do!

I just use the same big bag of potting soil to plant them all in...

am i supposed to be using specific soil for each plant? or for the size of the pot?

any tips???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I too had a black thumb of death for many years. I decided one day that obviously I was doing something wrong and did a little research on the web and at the library to learn about my plants. I killed a cactus for crying out loud!!! How does one do that? I dunno...but I did it...repeatedly lol

    Every plant has different requirements of heat, water, fertilizer and even humidity. An example is orchid, they don't like direct sun and only need water every 2 ish weeks (according to my guy at the plant shop). The opposite is true for my coleus, they love sun and are water guzzlers!

    African violets have to be bottom watered, Christmas Cactus really aren't technically a cactus and need watering more frequently than you would expect. I almost lost my hibiscus to spider mites, twice, but I won that battle after a warm bath and some rubbing alcohol cleaning.

    What I would suggest is to make a list of all the plants you have in your house and go to a greenhouse and talk to the people there about how to care for your plants. The U of Colorado has a good website on plant care as well. Google will come up with plenty of sites for each type of plant you have.

    Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Watering is usually the cause of plant death.

    Your soil is a very important part of how the water acts on the plant. It would be best to find a soil that best suits the way you water. If you are an over water-er find a soil that dries out faster. A fluffy potting soil is good then mix 2 parts soil to one part perlite.

    Then don't water until you can stick your finger into the soil about 2 inches before you feel moisture.

    Another method is to lift up the pot and get a feel for weight that the pot should be then water.

    Another thing you might try is a peace lilly. Bring it home. Take it out of the pot and knock the dirt off and then rince it off. Pot it in a bowle or sauser with no holes. You need to trim the roots to fit the bowl. You will need a bowle a bit larger than the pot the plant comes in and as shallow as you can find. Put a pile of stones in the center to keep the crown ov the plant above water. Then cover the roots with aquarium gravel. Keep the water leval high. These plants don't like direct sun.

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  • 1 decade ago

    some plants need lots of sun others should have no direct sunlight. Read the package careful.

    Some helpful hints are:

    Most plants like aspirin, just put one in the soil (ONLY ONE)

    Most plants also like coffee, so you can put some grounds in the soil or just dump the leftovers from your morning pot in there.

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  • 4 years ago

    are eggshells good for your house plants?

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