Gun license in massachusetts?

I had a question regarding gun licenses in massachusetts.

could someone please explain to me how to obtain a fire arm license, and the process..... also age required to apply for one & what fire arms i can fire at a range or what type i may purchase if i so may do in the future. thank in advance!

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    In MA, a "firearm" is a pistol. There are various flavors, including semi-automatic with a detachable magazine, for which you may need additional scrutiny. The laws change from time to time.

    The procedure in MA requires that a resident apply for a firearm permit from the local "chief of police", filing a form (stating a valid reason for wanting a permit), a set of fingerprints, and any necessary fees. The Chief, or his delegate (licensing captain), may interview you, does a criminal background check, may ask you to show successful completion of a firearm safety course, can have you demonstrate proficiency at a range (Boston does this) and ultimately makes a determination of your "fitness". If denied, you may appeal or move to another city and start over.

    The process for a shotgun or rifle is somewhat different, but I never went through it in MA, so somebody else can explain that to you.

    Types of firearms at the range will depend upon local club rules. Ask the rangemaster or instructors.

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    Effective June 1, 1998, all new firearm license applicants must complete a certified firearms safety course or Basic Hunter Education Course.

    The new law creates two types of licenses to carry (LTC):

    CLASS “A" LTC: Permits the purchase, possession and carrying of all ammunition, handguns, rifles, shotguns and feeding devices (both large and non-large capacity). This is the only license that allows the carrying of concealed handguns-either loaded or unloaded.

    CLASS “B" LTC: Permits the purchase, possession and carrying of all ammunition, non-large capacity handguns, and all rifles and shotguns (large and non-large capacity).

    -----In order to purchase a handgun, you must have a license to carry a firearm. You must be a US Citizen over 21 years of age in order to get the license, and must not have certain kinds of convictions on your record.

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    Your local police department can help you with that, or any gun dealer.

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    Mass is tough. They don't uphold your rights.


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