Business broker career vs Real estate career?

I have heard being a Real estate agent is not all that lucrative unless you sell high volume and or you are in Luxury RE. However I have just learned of something new called *business brokering*. I think this could be beneficial and a huge learning curve as I am very interested In buying business's as a personal investment. It also seems like a very nice way to raise some personal investment capital. However I cannot find much info on the web about this career and the info I have found seems pretty contradicting. So I am hear asking if anyone has past experience in this field. If so could you tell me if it is worthwhile and lucrative? More importantly, is there a useful learning curve here for businessmen and entrepreneurs ?

Is this a better career then Real estate? It seems that you can learn many useful skills though being a Business broker. Any feedback or advice would be great.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Business-broker is a niche area of real estate brokerage. The commissions are high. The success rate is very low. Most businesses for sale are not making a huge profit. BUyers are very skeptical. You are seldom selling any underlying real estate. Just the assets of the business and possibly the assumption of a lease in a strip mall. You can make a good living because the competition is less.

    Real estate is a fun career. You are invited to endless parties. You drive around with nice people looking at houses. The pay is good. The competition is brutal. Some small states have 90,000 agents.

    You can actually start in one field and switch later.

  • 7 years ago

    Yes, you can learn many useful skills as a business broker.

    You can also become a molecular biochemist in 3 weeks at the ACME School of Science & Technology.

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