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question about gun laws?......?

do you have to have a special permit or anything to manufacture a gun? semi or bolt action?


and in CALIFORNIA...i forgot to add lol

Update 2:

would you at least have to register it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I really wish only people with a clue would answer questions like this. I build match AR-15 rifles.

    First - you are asking a question and not giving near enough details.

    If you are buying parts to make your own rifle or pistol - there will always be one part that has a serial number on the pistols frame or the rifle's receiver. When you buy this part - it is just like buying a complete firearm - same paperwork and local laws apply.

    If you are going to build a rifle or pistol from scratch - and they do sell partially completed AR receivers that are not totally finished - you buy them just like you buy a block of aluminum - no laws or permits. Build as many as you like. You of course will have to comply with all laws when you leave the house with it.

    If you are building firearms with the intent of selling them - you will need to submit a proto-type to BATF for approval. And, depending on how they classify it will depend on what manufacturing license you need - the $50 one or the $500 one.

    You CANNOT register a gun. Nobody except a manufactuer can or it's serial number gets picked up during a sale/transfer through a dealer. When a gun is built it's serial number is created by the manufactuer and then sent to the Feds. When you buy a gun it's serial number and documents are retained by the seller. The only way a gun can be entered into the system is if you sell it to somone through a licensed dealer.

    If you want a rifle or pistol that cannot be traced to you incase of a future ban or nation wide confiscation - Just buy one second hand on a private sale.

    Building your own rifle - even an AR from a partially completed receiver - is a risk. You must be very precise on the alignment of the holes. If you mess it up - well - then you find an aluminum welder who fills them again and you start over. But it will never look very nice. To do this correctly - you need to borrow the alignment jigs...... they are about $300 for a full set. Kinda pricy if you build just one!

    On the other hand - if you buy the alignment jigs - nothing says your AR has to be an aluminum lower. You could make it from a brass billet - or - a solid copper ingot. That would look pretty cool - especially with a heat treated rainbow finish.

    Considering the receiver does not take any stress - technically - you could also build an AR-15 with a wood receiver - use an especially hard and durable wood like teak, mohogany, or rock maple.

    The easiest firearm to build on your own is a 22 rimfire. You could build a totally AWESOME one using brass and an old falling block design! That would be a very pretty finished product - and good looking.

    Bottom line. You can do it - but - the finished guns are yours, and, can only be passed down from to other family members. They can never be sold unless you send a prototype to BATF and have written approval and become a manufactuer. If nobody is alive in your family to accept them - they must be destroyed or turned over to the US Government. They cannot even be donated to a museum.

    You can email me and we can about this if you are serious.


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  • 1 decade ago

    There is no federal requirement for any special permit to make your own gun from scratch or from a kit if it is for your own use and not being made to be sold

    California may have different laws

    At the very least the gun you make will need to meet Cali regulations for firearms


    You would only have to register it if your state requires registration of the class of gun you build

    None of my home mades are registered or required to be

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree with you entirely Glacier....!


    I think sometimes people get "registration" confused between Canada and the USA.

    In Canada, every firearm that a person owns must be verified (by an approved agent) and then the owner must register the weapon with the federal government.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes and no. If you are making a gun from scratch yes. If you are buying a barreled action and stocking it no. They consider the action or frame part of the gun the actual gun. It is the part with a serial#.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    provided it isn't a fully automatic, no.

    However, basically any gun you make without permit can only be for your own use, you need permits for making guns to sell to others.

    We jokingly say that these guns get tossed in the casket with you when you die.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You for sure do in California. I believe it is actually a federal requirement.

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