one phone call from jail doesn't pick up do you get another?

What happens if the person you called doesn't answer??

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    There is no law that states you get a phone call. You have the right to an attorney when you are being asked guilt-seeking questions. The founding fathers never wrote the phone call into the Bill of Rights, because there was the problem of the phone having yet to be invented.

    Generally, it is a courtesy to allow a detainee or prisoner phone calls. But it is not a right, unless your jurisdiction requires it by ordinance.

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    One Phone Call Jail

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    The old thing about only getting one phone call is not true. The authorities are required to give you one phone call...once you're in jail you're allowed to make more calls...but the guy that said you need a quarter is wrong...most jails have you make collect calls. Now, the the person you're calling refuses your call you are pretty much out of luck...also...there will be a line at the phone and the other people will only give you one shot then you go to the back of the line. Also, unless you know a lawyer its better to call a friend or family member to bail you out...the court will appoint a public defender (like me) to handle your legal requirements...good luck if you get sent to the pokey...

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    haven't you ever worked a pay phone if no one answers you get your quarter back lol. it was a joke idiot

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    yea, what Dana F. says it is true.

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