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Can someone explain the ILLUSIONIST? MOVIE?

so the girl faked her death with the help of Eishsnhammer (however u spell it)....but how did the prince think himself that he 'killed' the girl....ok i just don't really get it, i do, but not really..

SOME ONE explain

this movie is somewhat mind boggling!

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    The Prince was mad and drunk. He didn't remember things clearly when he sobered up.

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    The prince always denied that he did anything.

    The fact is that he was drugged and the rest of what happened was staged to make him look like he did something he didn't.

    It wasn't until the end of the story that the police detective figures out what happened, how they drugged the prince and made it look like he girl was stabbed using the royal sword, and how they covered it all up by making sure the magician found the body and his accomplice declared the girl dead before anyone else had a chance to see she was merely unconscious, she was also drugged.

    The rest is all a matter of getting the detective to point the finger at the prince and get him in trouble with his father. The rest was academic. Either the father would kill the prince or the detective would be killed by the prince and the father would kill the prince but the prince would die and the girl would be free to do as she pleased and that is what the magician was after, her freedom.

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    Sophie dropped a drug in the prince's drink when she met him to tell him she would not go with him--so he was probably drunk and drugged. It was unclear whether or not he knew for sure that he did not kill her. Eisenheim had given Sophie a suitcase containing everything that she would need to fake her death-----make herself disappear. If you watch the last few minutes of the movie (I had to twice) the flashbacks make it clearer.

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    He was drugged by her to the point of not knowing what was going on, then she set the whole thing up with the stones from the sword !! - P.S. The stones that the Edward Norton took from the sword when he did the magic trick earlier in the movie !!

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    The prince was drunk. Other people saw the girl ride off, wounded. They assumed the prince did it because they saw her with him before she was "wounded."

    Since he was drunk, he did not remember anything. Just others blaming him.

    I liked this movie better than The Presige.

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    the prince was drunk and others were blaming him. he didn't remember but it was all a set up so they can both stay together at the end. watch it again.

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