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If the flood in Genesis wiped out everybody but Noah's family, then how did Cain's descendants appear later in the bible?

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    Perhaps you did not notice that, besides Cain and Abel (who was murdered), Adam and Eve then had another son called Seth, and Noah's line of descent came through Seth, not Cain. 1 Chronicles 1:1 states, "The descendants of Adam were Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, and Noah."

    Have a read of Genesis 5:3-32.

    Cain's descendants are mentioned in Genesis 4:17-26 and also that Seth was born later to Adam and Eve, who fathered Enosh and all the way down to Noah. Perhaps confusion comes with thinking the Lamech mentioned in chapter 4, having Cain as his great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, is the same Lamech mentioned in chapter 5. However, THAT Lamech had Methusela as his father, whereas the Lamech of chapter 4 had Methushael as his father.

    I think that clears the misunderstanding up. There is no list of descendants from Cain after the flood.

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    According to the story of Noah in the Hebrew tradition --

    Noah was a descendant of Seth,

    Noah's wife was a descendant of Cain --

    ...nothing is said of the parentage of the wives of Noah's sons

    Thus - ALL human beings are partially descendants of Cain

    But I can't think of any reference in the Hebrew Bible to descendants specifically of Cain after the flood.

    Is this in the Greek Bible of the Christians?

    If so - that may explain it -- there are quite a number of misunderstandings of Hebrew traditional sources by the Hellenistic founders of mainstream Christianity.

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    Maybe one of Noah's sons married a descendant of Cain.

  • Linda
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    Noah's family were descendants of Cain.

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    Cain's line ended with the global flood in Noah's day. There is no proof otherwise.

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    None of Cain's descendants appear in the Bible after the Deluge.

    Possibly you are confusing Cain (son of Adam, upon whom God placed a "mark") with Canaan (grandson of Noah, upon whom Noah prophesied a curse), which error is quite common.

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    Noah's family WERE the descendants of Cain.

    So were also all who were drowned by the flood.

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    The Great Flood wiped out much of the world that was known to the people that were in its path, although not the entire planet as we know it now. It is entirely possible, therefore, hat some biblical family lines managed to escape the waters by hanging out in a part of the world that was not known to most of their neighbors. Then, they appeared at some point later in history

    • kaganate
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      no -- that would defeat the entire point of the story. By the logic and teaching of the story -- ALL humanity died except the family of Noah

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    Cain's descendants do not appear later in the Bible. His line ended with the flood. If you have Biblical evidence otherwise, please cite your scriptural source.

    Hannah J Paul

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    You should read the Apocrypha book of Cain.

    Lilith wife of Satan taught Cain how to drink human blood to gain power and longer life and to shape shift Cain spawned a whole race of vampire supernatural offsprings.

    Latter Cain said why should we kill humans we shall teach them war then turn ourselfs into the shape of dirt and simply drink their blood as they kill each other.

    That's the legend of how cains offspring survived by turning themselves into floating trees then latter back to humans

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