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How did Christianity start?

Guys I need an easy to read description of how Christianity started. Like you know how in Buddhism, it starts with Buddha leaving the castle, seeing old age, sickness, death and meeting a monk and starting buddhism. How does it go with christianity?


Come on guys.. I don't want random sentences.. Wiki is hard to read.. that's why i asked for a summary..

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    Christianity started with Judaism, so I'll tell the story of that first.

    Inside of Egypt there were a group of people known as the Hebrews. They were oppressed by the Egyptians and specifically the Pharaoh. Moses, a Hebrew and adopted prince of Egypt, snapped one day and killed one of these Egyptians. When word got out of this, he fled to the wilderness. Many years later, God came to Moses, and told him to lead his people out of Egypt. He did so, and God formed a covenant with him and his people, a covenant that his people consistently were unable to follow. God anticipated this, and ensured that the prophets were told about a future messiah that would come and redeem the people.

    Thousands of years later, Jesus came. He was a Rabbi born to a virgin, and performed miracles such as healings and driving out demons, but He also preached a "radical new doctrine" which the religious leaders hated, because it was unarguably right and showed them to be hypocrites. So, they plotted to kill Jesus, and Jesus knew it. Not only did He successfully predict His death, but He also knew who would betray Him, and let Himself be killed. Why? For three good reasons:

    1) He was the prophesied Messiah, fulfilling the prophesies of the Old Testament prophets.

    2) His death redeemed the people, or at least those who believed and accepted Him.

    3) He knew that He would come back to life three days later.

    He came back to life three days later, and taught His followers what to do. His followers followed His instructions, now finally understanding Jesus. Not wanting the accounts of Jesus to be lost, some of the followers wrote down their testimonies of what Jesus did. These writings are known today as the Gospels, the first four books of the New Testament.

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    When Did Christianity Start

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    Christianity started in the days of Jesus, Christ is a title and Jesus is the one who bears that title.

    I understand that Jesus the Christ was around in the first century and a little ways before it or just at the end of it or something like that sorry i don't really know much about that part but i can explain the other part.

    Christianity started in the days of Christ yes, but they weren't called Christians until later, at first they were referred to as "The way" or "Christs disciples". (They were just called disciples but they probably would have had to clarify that they were Christs disciples)

    The Jews had a prophecy about the coming of the Christ, but they didn't recognize him when he came so that the prophecy could be fulfilled. Christianity didn't start until around 2000 years ago but Christianity is a part of another Religion that is no longer valid to Christians but that some still follow.

    It's the Jewish religion, they don't believe that the Christ has come.

    So in all...

    Christianity originated with Christ, it received it's now known name a few years after.

    It started around 2000 years ago.

    Before the Christ came there wasn't many non-Jewish believers.

    There was a few Greeks and a small number of Romans and maybe a very small amount of Samaritans as they called them and maybe others. (Note that they didn't all just go to hell, this is all explained by the lord Jesus Christ.)

    Christ allowed and told his disciples to preach all around the world, to everyone.


    Okay i did kind of ramble, let me break it down...

    Christianity started 2000 years ago, It started with Jesus who was born of the virgin Mary.

    He had no human father, he is the son of God. His word was preached all around the world by his disciples, the most well known of his disciples are the apostles Peter and Paul.

    Source(s): Christian.
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    Lot's of mythology floating around today trying to explain how "Christianity" began. Almost all say that it began with a first century C,E, itinerant Jewish preacher named Jeshua (Jewish for "Jesus") who never referred to himself as "Christ". That name was pinned on him well after he had died. There's really not much linking Jesus of Nazareth to Christianity. Christianity is a religion that was established in honor of Jesus. I think that he would be absolutely amazed and very disappointed in this religion. After all, he spent most of his time railing against religion whether it was the temple Judiasm he encountered and called it for the corrupt worship system of that time, or the religions that had been brought into Palestine by the conquering Romans and the Greek philosophy that came along as well.

    Christianity began forming some time after all of the original followers of Jesus had died away and it was no longer solely a Jewish matter. Jesus himself broadened his message to include the hated Samaratins and to Romans also living in the area. The apostles Paul and Peter, along with their travelling companions made sure that Jesus' message was spread to most of the "known" world around the Mediterranean and beyond.

    So look to the religion organizers and regulators in the second century C,E. and later to sort out how Christianity came into being. Just don't look for it having started with Jesus of Nazareth. He would not recognize what finally became the religion that claimed to come from him.

    Source(s): Read what the New Testament actually says and does not say. Sort out what was written by whom and when to see when religious practices and concepts were originated. And try to see the simple but profound message that Jesus of Nazareth gave to us. It was not Christianity.
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    The Old Testament predicted the coming of a Messiah who would restore the Jewish nation and bring salvation. It said that the Messiah would meet certain criteria. Jesus was born and did not meet the expectations of what the Jews expected in a Messiah (he was of humble birth, etc.) but he met the prophecies and claimed that he was the promised savior and brought a new message to the world. The message was not what the Jews expected. They were very law focused and this was a message of love and of a personal relationship with God. He also was not a military leader as they had expected but rather someone who preached salvation not only for Jews but also for gentiles. His message spread and rattled the Jewish leaders who crucified him hoping to quash his message. However, as prophesied, he was resurrected after 3 days. This resurrection confirmed for his followers that he was the promised Messiah. His 12 apostles continued to spread his message and wrote letters, etc. which, coupled with letters from Paul, make up the New Testament.

    Does that help?

    EDITED TO ADD: There are indeed written accounts of Jesus life written at the time he was here which were not written by his followers. Google Pliny the Younger or Josephus

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    You all do know that Christianity was a thing before Jesus came right?

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  • The Body of The True Church commissioned by God consists of ALL those of The True Christian Faith.

    ALL who come to God in The Way He prescribes will receive His free, and eternal, gift of Salvation. those become a part of The Body of The True Church of which Jesus The Christ is The Head. Those are the ones of The True Christian Faith. Only those of The True Church will enter Heaven

    The True Church was commissioned, by God, on The Day of Pentecost following Christ's Ascension into Heaven

    Source(s): God's Word... and His promise to me in the instant of my salvation
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    Christianity branch off to different sectors.

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    Where Did Christianity Begin

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    The official story is recorded in the first four books of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. As far as I know, there is no other source of information from the time of Christ about Christ's life.

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