Champion Spark Plugs?

I bought a 95 Toyota Tercel and it sputtered when I got it. The guy said it probably needs a tune up since the people who owned it before me did not maintain it. Well I got new Champion plugs and the only wires they had for my car. I got Champion because it wasn't the cheapest or the most expensive so I thought they would be decent. However, my car continues to sputter. I changed the fuel filter because someone told me that it could be deteriorating and clogging my injectors. Still Sputtering though. My check engine light is burned out but I had Auto Zone run a diagnosis on it and it came back clean.

A few people have told me that champion spark plugs are crap and shouldn't be put in foreign cars after i already put the stupid things in. Are they right? I don't want to go throw money at expensive spark plugs if its not needed especially if the sputtering is caused by something else and they have nothing to do with it.

If you have any ideas why it is sputtering please let me know! It does it mostly up hills and during acceleration from a dead stop. When it idles it will have the occasional misfire but sometimes not. Thanks =)


I am not sure if the check engine light is on or not because it is burned out. But I will take it to another place to get tested.

I can't seem to find a distributor cap and rotor for my kind of car on the parts stores websites to price them. Are you sure my car has that? It runs from a slave system. only 2 wires to the 4 spark plugs

Update 2:

I will take everyones advice and get new spark plugs designed especially for my car. I can't believe AutoZone sold me spark plugs that are not compatible with my car even after I told them the make and model. Those idiots

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    most of the guys are missing one detail here or partially touched on it.

    95 Tercel takes dual electrode spark plugs. this is because it fires two cylinders at once for emission reasons. Single electrode Champions confuse the engine computer. I have seen this problem cause a runability issue with a co-worker. Go to Toyota and get the spark plug designed for your car. Schucks will sell you overpriced single electrode platinum plugs. They don't work in this car. Get the right plugs and you will be amazed at the difference. Good Luck--T&T

    Source(s): 28 years working on Toyota's
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    Champion spark plugs are factory installed on all Mopars, and have been for many years. The myth that Champion plugs are no good came about during the 70's and early 80's when a large amount of cars had issues with bad plugs. Most of the bad plugs came thru with the MOPAR brand name and like 50% were bad right out of the box. They have been bad mouthed ever since,.

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    I only use genuine Toyota parts and have owned 5 brand new incl CAMRY LE Sedan that had 211,000 miles when we gave away bec my wife and her sisters insisted on SUVs <= she now drives 2005 Toyota Highlander 6 cylinder AWD. Long ago I came across 2 Toyota dealers in Texas: Toyota of Dallas and Toyota of Richardson TX that have the Toyota catalog on-line and genuine parts at about 30% off MSRP are better than any deal I can get locally via local Toyota coupon.

    Of course it's best to buy from Texas dealers only when doing bigger repair etc and beIow are prices for for 1995 Tercel <= however I have bought for 5 different Toyotas before but your TERCEL has the strangest listing (really wierd!) for parts almost like it has 4 different models assembled at more than one assembly plant:

    Distributor Cap:


    Spark Plug Cable Wire Set:

    Best of Luck and Hope the Above Helps!

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    yes they are right to a point, champion plugs are good plugs for most american makes,toyota,honda,mazda etc.. do not like to run well with them.your ignition system is called direct ignition you have two coils that fire multiple cylinders.i would change plugs to ngk's regular ones not platinum you might have cracked one putting them in ??? check the year of your car i dont show this ign.system until 98 ?? if it still sputters get injectors checked/cleaned

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    Check your distributor cap and rotor. You may have a hairline crack that you cant see when its parked. As the engine gets hot or during acceleration the crack is opening enough to change the timing. It will cost you about five bucks for a rotor and new cap.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Champion spark plugs are garbage, and never ever use them in an Import. They are great to use in a lawnmower, but I would not put them in much else. Use Bosch or even Autolite. Also, cap and rotor should be replaced.

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  • 5 years ago

    hard point. try searching into yahoo. this may help!

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