IP cameras and multicast?

What role does multicast play in IP security cameras? Can I just use layer 2 or would layer 3 multicast be needed? I keep receiving conflicting methods.150+ cameras, Pelco Endura DVR system, different switches (Juniper, Cisco, HP) custo has not made up mind about switch yet.

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    LoL, good luck with that system.

    Basically the cameras send their feed to the multicast group, which the encoders, workstations, and DVRs are members of. This way each camera only sends a single stream to the multicast router, which then sends all the streams to the multicast address for the group. The multicast router then forwards the streams to each member.

    You will want to do layer 3, put your cameras in a separate VLAN from your other networks. If it helps, Pelco has a list of support switch hardware and minimum firmware version. If it isn't on the list, their support won't help (or at least they wouldn't last time I had to deal with them).

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    Multicast Ip Camera

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    8 years ago

    In IP camera... every camera has an IP Address.

    Multicast is a Broadcast only to specific IP Nodes...

    Meaning I want Camera1 through Camera25 to survey this area... (now they are on their multicast)

    I want Camera26, 28 & 31 to survey that area... (now they are on their own multicast)

    a Broadcast would send messages to every node on a network.

    a multicast would send messages to selected nodes on a network.

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