What size of Motorcycle Helmet for a 4 year old little girl??

I want to find a Motorcycle helmet for my little girl who is 4 years old. I don't want a Dirt Bike or Racing helmet, more like a Harley helmet. Does anyone know what size I should be looking for from personal experience?


Im not talking about going 80 mph down the freeway with her!

My husbands boss lets him take his harley on some weekends and she likes to have a little SLOW ride around the block and I would like a helmet on my little one before we take her.......OH IM A HORRIBLE MOTHER LOL!!! Put your kid in a bubble.

Update 2:

Thanks to everyone that has provided real answers!

I just want to clarify that safety is my number 1 priority here and that is why im asking the question. Im not looking for a cutsie helmet, I want a safe helmet.

Also, if we were to give her a ride, I wouldn't just set her on the back and say "Dad, have at it!" lol. It would be my husband driving her in the middle and me on the end to hold her as well as her holding on to daddy.

To the person that said they don't make kids helmets.... I know they do, because when we went camping last year I saw a couple on a ATV with a baby that had a helmet. I also thought that when BACA gives kids rides (or don't they?) they would have kid sized helmets.

This really isn't a BIG deal, she doesn't have to ride, I just thought it would be fun if it was SAFE and slow and also would like one if we ever go 4 wheeling.

Thanks again for those who have helped!

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    Helmet sizes aren't standard. The important thing is to get one that fits snugly, but not too tight. Full face would definitely be recommended. As everyone knows, many accidents happen close to home and at slow speeds, so saying you're just going around the block slowly is no guarantee of safety. Which you already know, since you're looking for a helmet!

    I don't think you'll be able to order one online; I recommend you go to a dealership with your daughter to try them on. I can't say I've ever seen a child's helmet, but I've never looked for one either.

    I wish you had been my mom!

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    Motorcycle Helmet Size

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    Now, I've given my daughter when she was 4-5 years old a slow ride while she sat in front of me on my bike, but in my yard.

    Having said that, I think you have 2 problems with doing it on the street legally. First is, you're going to have a problem finding a DOT helmet for a kid that young. Second, she can't reach the footpegs! Don't be surprised if a cop seeing that won't write you up for that, or more.

    Most importantly though, I don't think you've considered the potential problem of a relatively heavy helmet on a 4 year old, that might not have adequate neck muscles to hold her head up WITH the weight of the helmet on. Even most bicycle helmet laws for kids exempt toddlers for that very reason.

    Forgot about kids dirt bike helmets, whether they are DOT marked or not I don't know. You still have to consider the weight of a helmet on a toddler tho.

    As far as her riding between you both. That's illegal too, a footrest must still be provided for each passenger. The motorcycle will have to be rated for 3 persons, which none are, except sidecars.

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    With safety as the absolute #1 concern with your daughter, please buy a full face helmet (with the chin-bar and full face shield) that is DOT approved. In your reference to a "racing helmet" you are likely talking about a full face helmet. On a 4 year old girl, safety should definitely come before style... Safety being your top priority, if she's on the back of a Harley, a solid black full-face helmet with a dark tinted faceshield will not look bad at all. In the extreme unfortunate case she is in an accident, she won't have scars on her face or chin to look at for the rest of her life. I'm sorry to sound morbid, but this is truly reality on a motorcycle and something I think about every single time I get on my motorcycle. As an adult, she'll have the opportunity to make a decision to prefer safety or style; for now, she's counting on you to keep her safe.

    As for safety certifications, DOT is intended to adsorb a reasonable impact from a fall... maybe a 6' drop, about the height of a fall from a cycle. Snell certification is a much stronger impact certification, but more rigid isn't always better... if you're designed to withstand a 25' drop as opposed to a 6' drop, more energy may be transferred to your head than absorbed by the helmet in a lesser fall (think crumple zones in a car). I'll apologize to DOT and Snell in advance because these numbers aren't exactly correct (I'm going on memory of an article I read about 5 years ago), but this is the relative difference between the two specs and i'm sure the information of each spec is available online. A helmet may be DOT and Snell certified; so long as the DOT sticker is on the back of it and it's full face, you're keeping her head as safe as it can be!

    As for fitting, visit a knowledgable dealer and they'll be able to fit your daughter in a helmet that is snug to her head and face, but not uncomfortably so. A loose helmet is almost as dangerous as none at all! Best of luck, and please think safety first!

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    Girls Motorcycle Helmet

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    You are not a horrible mother for letting her go for a ride. In fact, you are requiring a helmet and reasonable speeds/conditions.

    Go to a motorcycle dealership. Helmets need to be fitted and age is not necessarily a consideration. My friends 3rd grader is almost as tall as me and weights more. My daughter, the same age, weights 1/2 as much.

    Ride safe, be fun.

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    I have a 5 year old girl, a 6 year old boy and a 9 year old boy. I bought an extra small helmet. The girl needs a bandana or hat underneath to make it as snug as I like.

    But yes, a full face would be best if you can get it small enough.

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    A Harley helmet? You get them at the Harley dealer. You're not going to find one for a small child, who shouldn't be on a mc to begin with.

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    go to denniskirk.com they'll explain how to measure the childs head. if you can't find the explanation on-line then order a catolog it does explain how, with drawings too! or take the child to your harley dealer. they'll know how to fit the helment. If in doubt go to the pros this is yur childs safety involved!!

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