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best computer monitor with speakers and hdmi?

i plan on using my computer and PS3 on it. so which monitor has good speakers and hdmi and AVG/DVI?

i really dont wanna resort to using monitor speakers, so how do i use other speakers on my monitor without plugging it into my pc?

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    You didn't specify a size or price...

    Few options: 21.5'' 27''

    Also, realize that built in speakers will never sound as good as a sound system. I have a $1300 Samsung TV that has built in speakers but my 9 year old sound system still kicks the pants off of the built in speakers.

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    U can look in from brands like DELL, Benq. I prefer Dell, and the model number is: DellTM UltraSharpTM 2208WFP 22" Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

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    i don'tt know how much ur willing to spend but ipreferr Acer's G24 when im setting up customers with them.

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