Flip vs. Slide QWERTY Keyboard Cell Phone?

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which is better or just let me know if you've had any problems with yours. my nephew has the Flip one can break easier than the Slide. i found one that was perfect but i heard bad news about it, LG enV®3 in Slate Blue and others like LG enV® 2 in Black and my nephew uses a Slide and a friend of mine uses Flip, not certain which would be better. i mostly like the flip because of the larger screen plus the style and the keypads aren't so close to the top part of the phone because its a flip and not a slide. there are other things i like about the flip than i do the slide, but if the slide is better in more ways than the flip, then i would like to go with the slide, but i would like to know what you can tell me.

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    i have a slider one, and i agree with you. i do usually prefer a flip keyboard, only because the buttons are so close to the top on a slider. having long nails and a slider keyboard don't exactly go together. however, i think the slider ones are slimmer, and they look better, but they do break easier, so really, it's about your preference. if you are someone who needs to slide a slider phone when you are bored and you do it a million times, do not get a slider one because it will break easily. a flip is a bit more durable.

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