I just got Steve Madden combat boots ?

Ok so before Christmas I tried on a size 6 and half of the troopa brown and I'm a usual 7 and I wasn't sure they would fit since they felt a little small around the toe area, they didn't have a size 7 I could try at the time but they said they would stretch so me and my mom took them home and put a sheet on the floor and I put them on with thick socks and started walking to stretch them out, after awhile of doing this I tried them on with a regular sock and they were way loser but the toe part was still a little tight and I was scared that if I wore them they would end up being to small and I would be screwed out of my money. So I decided I wanted to order the 7 online , so I did and they came today , I put them on they fit way better but the back heel part was a little big and my heel would move quite a bit in that area, then I once again put a sheet on the floor and started walking in them, the part where it wraps around your calf was also a little big or loose. As I started walking they started to crease, and that's what I'm scared of, they fit well enough to keep but the only thing I'm scared of is that after wearing them a couple months they would be so creased they wouldn't look really bad and be no good, and spending over 100 dollars on them they should last me longer than that. So can I get opinions, are combat boots supposed to crease like that , this is my first pair so I'm not sure what usual . Should I keep them ? Or look for another boot :/ my feet are wide so that's my downfall with shoes.

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