how to connect 2 routers from one dsl modem?

i have a dsl modem and i use a linksys wirless router for my laptop.

with this setup the internet works fine

every now and then my dad has his own for work that has specific settings on it for the online programs that he uses, the router is provided by his work and is password protected.

every time i try to add his router to the setup of mine and the modem, no connection can be gotten on the computer, my laptop or my dads laptop.

The only way he can get it is to replace mine with his for the whole weekend, leaving me intenetless.

This i cannot stand for 2 reasons, one, im one of those geeks that sits at his computer all day and just reads forums about new hardware/software thats comming out, and secondly, the internet is my life and a weekend without it is horrible.

i dont want to ask any of the other forums that i usually visit becuase of fear of loss of ego :(

plz help me, its bothering me to know that i cant fix somthing computer related.

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    Ok there are a few things that could be happening -

    Most likely its an ip configuration problem as has been stated.

    To fix this change the Lan network settings on your Linksys from to

    Then connect your cables from DSL to Dad Router - Port from Dad router to Uplink in Linksys

    If your dads computer will work now but yours still will not then his router could be filtering what computers can connect.

    To solve this leave the Lan Ip settings with your changed settings. Connect your linksys to your dsl and make sure you have an internet connection. Connect your dads router to a port on your linksys. You should be able to get internet from your Dads computer but possibly won't be able to use any specialty applications VPN etc. If everything does work fine than your linksys is using UPNP and automaticly port forwarding everything correctly to your dads router. If it doesn't than ports need to be opened. This can be difficult if you don't know what ports the applications your dad uses need. So here is how to solve that -

    The next part is a little tricky without knowing exactly what router you are using. But what you will need to do is find the MAC address of the wan port of your dads router. This can be done by looking at your DHCP connections in you linksys. (The mac address may also be printed on the bottom of his router) It should show what devices are connected there IP and Mac addess. Then you need to set a STATIC DHCP IP in your linksys for your dads router. With this set every time he will get the same ip everytime he connects. Then you should have a DMZ setting somewhere in your linksys config. Put the IP address that you assigned in the DMZ zone (this will allow all ports to be opened to this IP). If everything worked correctly you should both have internet all weekend long.

    Good Luck!!

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    You should be able to plug the uplink from his router into your router. His work router should then get a DHCP address and make what ever VPN connection it's trying to make. You may need to tell your router to allow the VPN connection to pass through.

    You will want to plug the uplink from his router (the plug that would normally be plugged into the DSL modem) into one of the regular ethernet jacks on the back of your router (like the one your PC is connected to).

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    It's possible that two of these routers are using the same LAN IP address (eg. and causing network conflicts with each other. Change your router's LAN IP to something other than the default, such as instead of

    Then almost immediately after saving the changes to your router, renewing your computer's ip address, your dad's router and your's would get along better.

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    Have you tried to use a crossover cable to connect the 2 routers together? If your dad's router has NAT disabled, you ain't gonna get a IP. See if your dad's PC has a private address or a ip from your ISP. If it is private, nat probably aint disabled. If it is not private, NAT is probably disabled which also turns off DHCP.

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